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    0 Goes Live! , the no.1 website dedicated to the development and exposure of emerging bands and independent artists has gone live! is music artists’ portal to public exposure. Rocket Radio provides emerging musical artists and bands with a platform of resources to be seen and heard by thousands of fans – worldwide. Artists and bands have an account control panel in which they can control the layout and design of their personal website pages. The control panel includes a music uploading center, ability to sell music and merchandise, message forum for events and industry news; traffic monitor and of course independent radio stations, broken down by genre! It is not a replacement to an existing website, it's an enhancement! Artists can and download music while viewing their own artist website traffic, plus much more!

    Rocket Radio empowers artists to manage their blossoming music careers in an easy, direct fashion. The site is incredibly user-friendly, and Rocket Radio customer support is ready and willing to assist with any questions or problems. That’s what Rocket Radio is all about: making life easier for the emerging independent artist. Membership rates range from free to $10 per month. Rocket Radio members keep 100% of their music and merchandise sales!

    Millions of listeners seek to hear independent music. Rocket Radio is an alternative outlet for great music and supports artists’ musical creations, despite what has been pushed by the record companies for so long. It is a valuable resource for independent musicians. Rocket Radio provides musicians & DJs with an online presence designed to simplify their lives, allowing them to focus on what they do best: making music.

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