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    Hi guys.

    I hope you are all good?

    The Rockcorps London program is just getting started with our first projects taking place this weekend.

    At each project we have a DJ come down and spin us some tunes whilst the volunteers undertake their tasks.

    We are looking for local up and coming DJs to come down and show us what they have got. All you need to do is turn up with your Vinyl/CDs and play for around four hours. In return you will get given a ticket to the Royal Albert Hall on the 24th September to see the likes of Pendulum, N-Dubz and Taio Cruz.

    This is an awesome opportunity as last year Rockcorps helped launch the careers of DJs such as Rattus Rattus and Kloseone from the Urban Nerds.

    If you have a Myspace address or Facebook address this will be added to our website which at the moment is receiving over 30,000 hits a week.

    We are preferably on the lookout for party DJs who can play a mixture of D&B, Dubstep, UK Funky and anything in between.

    If you have any mixes recorded on Soundcloud for us to check out send that over too!

    Anymore info check out

    or drop us an email to

    Rockcorps 2010