Robots and Romans – An Interview with June Miller (InReachMag)


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You know that awkward moment when you meet someone for the first time and they tell you they “don’t like drum and bass”? After the initial feeling that they need to just not exist I always politely tell them that drum and bass is an incredibly broad genre and perhaps they just haven’t found the side that suits them yet.

Because in actual fact it’s true, to an outsider, the eggiest of jump up and the most scratchy beardy of minimal won’t feel like the same genre, and as a result our scene has become incredibly segregated. Over the years I feel there have been very few artists that have been able to bridge the gap between various d&b factions, both Zinc and Break did a pretty amazing job with Calibre up there too but until recently I wasn’t sure whether there was anyone to fill those rather large shoes, that was until I heard June Miller’s new album ‘Robots and Romans’ on Ram Records.
Whether you’re into the most technical of neuro, the most melodic of liquid, the outlandish and experimental or the earth shatteringly epic June Miller manage to tick all those boxes and more, subsequently sending a much needed surge of energy throughout the scene. Their reputation for high octane live shows and “anything goes” approach have very much set the duo apart and, in my opinion, have made them one of the most exciting and versatile acts in a long, long time. And so, it makes me incredibly happy to say that we recently had the opportunity to catch up with the guys to discuss all things Ram, Robots and Romans, here’s what was said . . .