Robot Death Squad - Supercharger EP - Flatline press release

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    Robot Death Squad - Supercharger EP
    Flatline Ltd EP001
    Released: August 12, 2006


    Robot Death Squad feat Hyx - Supercharger
    Robot Death Squad - FirstStrike
    Robot Death Squad feat Skandalus - FadeThrough
    Robot Death Squad - GhettoChild

    Flatline is proud to present our first double pack EP featuring Robot Death Squad. Currently the EP is being played by Corrupt Souls, Masheen, Fixation, Wicked Sway, Dementia, Custom Soldierz, Kano, DJC, NC 17, D-struct, Identity, Analog Trust, C-Netik, Blal and ASC.

    To mark Flatline's first EP release, we are excited to annouce our new monthly: Drum Ritual - Flatline Sessions. The first event is August 12, in Baltimore, Maryland. This will be the Robot Death Squad Supercharger EP record release party. The launch of Flatline's new monthly, Drum Ritual, will focus on Drum N Bass in the Mainroom with Breaks and Dub Step in the Lounge. Other artists for the night include DJ Stakka, Corrupt Souls, Joe Nice, Lantern, Demetrios, Ricky Ricardo and MC Mecha. There will be 2 Supercharger EP test press give aways, as well as goods from Cargo Industries to unload.


    For the internet forum massive, Drum Ritual will be hosted live on the internet. Streamed by Dirtbox Radio and hosted by Destoyer. Check out on August 12th. Big ups to Robot Death Squad, Shaun Morris, Andy from Nu-Urban Music, Vince from FOL(who did an amazing job on the Sleeve design and the Flyer, check him at ) ...respect to my main man Luis for the Drum Ritual street promotions, Mighty from Destroyer, Fixation for the radio show support, My wife Corinne, and Daughter Technique for all the sacrifices you endure for the sake of the label, to all my Family, friends and everyone that made Flatline, the Robot Death Squad EP & Drum Ritual possible. Flatline loves you.

    Flatline is distributed by Nu-Urban Music.

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