Robo Mercenary LIVE Radio Show Dj's Barbaric Pete, DubRass,DJ Daz, Ballistic

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    Jan 30, 2011
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    This Sunday Session LIVE Dubstep And DnB From the Robo HQ Studio .

    From 15.30 Hrs on Robo Mercenary Radio.

    All Dj's will be playing for you the listener playing you the usual upfront underground selection Dj's playing this sunday -

    Dj Barbaric Pete (Bass Invaderz) - Dubstep
    DJ DubRass (Robo Mercenary) - Dubstep Grime
    DJ Daz (Rude London/Robo Mercenary) - DnB
    DJ Ballistic (Robo Mercenary) - DnB

    Lock in from 15.30 Hrs for Robo Vibez.

    Bigupz Robo Famo. ​