Rob Papen blue issue

Cat Gas

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Every time I have a note or something, when its playing in arrangement, the filter resets to 0.
So lets say i have a note playing along, wanting my filter frequency to be at around 180hz, as soon as i press play (in ableton) it goes back to 0. Even when I manually have an automation to try and counter this, set throughout at 180hz, it still resets to 0.

any help? It may be an ableton problem instead. It's really pissing me off.
I use Blue alot but in FL and have never encountered a problem like that. The only thing that i can think of, is that you have an automation some where you had forgotten about or its a cracked version of Blue. I have lots of friends that use Blue in Ableton and ive never really heard of them having an issue like that before, unless it was just a lapse memory something they did previously and forgotten about so on and so forth.