Roadrunnerr- a couple of tunes - Slightly darker stuff

Cat Gas

Aka Basis
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I have 4 tracks up on soundcloud, discount the one called "moon," because that was my attempt at liquid I quickly disbanded.

Anyways, I'm a complete newbie, so all kinds of feedback of every sort is welcome. Even non-constructive criticism will do :p I definitely know this is a long way off decent material, but as my first few tunes, I just want to find out how to improve in any shape or form.:D
I'm using FL9, with Massive for the main basslines.

Mr Fletch

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Your bass it completely cutting out your kicks, try lowering the bass a db or two, and throw some light compression on your kicks to help pull them through the mix. Dont over compress stuff as that could also be the problem.

It's a nice intro you got there, nice and dark and atmospheric, but the drop lets you down. The bass doesnt seem to follow any rythym of the track, sounds a bit out of sync and just generally random.

Have you considered trying to learn the Sytrus synth in FL for your basses? It's a really underestimated piece of kit that can produce some amazing basses! I wrote a guide to creating a wobble bass around here somewhere. If you need any help with it, hit me up, I dont mind sharing tips and tricks.