[RJR007] Shrust - Dr. Butcher (JUMP UP)


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Listening now. NIce sample. That right to left noise at the start is not too smooth. Can hear some conflicts slightly. Nice drop. Good sinister bass. Think the intro needs to be more sinister now. I dont wanna sound too negative, just being honest. The best parts to this tune are the main bassline and the sample usage. I think the snare is too light and bouncey for the theme of the tune. The intro music and sounds need to be darker and grittier. When i heard the sample at the start i was expecting some creepy dark tune. There is a knack to making a sample fit into the sound of the tune. The tune to me would fit better with some sort of racing theme. Can imagine speedy type samples.
Sorry waffling now. Just trying to help.
Still good production generally.