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Oct 17, 2008
The Cupboard Under The Stairs
Ive been trying this for a while now and atm its not really happening for me.

I wanna create a dirty riser that just sounds like a slow pitch bend. Im using FL Studio 7 and ive already tried automating the pitch but for some reason it just sounds funny. Nothing like what you'd expect it to sound like.

Also, how would I go about making the notes between massive slide? you can do it with normal vsts like OSX3 but for some reason, u cant wit massive and various others.

Any ideas?
Find the portamento and mess around with the timing. Don't know about massive specifically but set the time to longest possible and play lowest note followed by highest. And everything else said about white noise and fx to give some texture.
For massive or any synth basically find a good "west coast synth", or any sound you wish to do the sweep from. Adjust polyphony to 1 (mono on other synths). Then adjust the pitch bend time to for example 4. Then do a melody that rises a seminote every of those 4 beats, and you got a winner. A nice trick is to start the rise in key so it sounds like it sits in with the rest of your possible melodic content.

For some extra movement, add a slow moving sine/saw LFO to your filter and automate the LFO speed as the note rises.


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On massive under the oscillation tab is the glide rate. I usually change my synth to monorotate and legato triller under the voices tab to allow for portamento. change the glide knob to the right and it will slide to the next note.

and like subprime said, use the fruity free filter on a white noise (3xosc) and automate the frequency knob up with reverb and mild compression. Sounds good.

Or another cool trick is reversing a long cymbal crash, reversing a drum roll and timestretching the clip down.

Good luck!
cool trick with massive is to pitch the mod osc up an octave and to automate the phase within an oscillator as the pitch rises aswell.

and to use glide in massive you have to up the bitchbend right next to the glide knob.

if that fails, just do what kama said, lol!
and btw, old thread is old :D
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