Rise up and see the dnb rulin'

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    Oct 19, 2004
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    im' into dnb, jungle, darkstep an drillnbass da most
    but i can tolerate any kind of music (an see da good side of it) i make some dnb (lame, but i love it) an im not a dj (thaz unique deez dayz)
    I use to be pluged to the dnb speaker in my home country Macedonia but now im stuck in the middle of nowhere (juz next 2 courage), oklahoma.
    till now i asked like 50 peopl' bout if they knew waz dnb or jungle, an they say What? smthn like techno?
    And i am disapointed, but then i found thiz forum and downloaded half-a-ton of mixes which lifted me off the world of monotonic r'n'b an country. (hey i sound juz like a commercial 4 diz site) i see where da drumz are goin' and i say Big up 4 all da good soulz out there that have their hearts runnin' on 180+ BMP