Ripping Samples off of stereo mix

Hiya dnbforum =D, I need to record samples off the stereo of my computer with losing the LEAST amount of quality in the process. It seems like vista's wav recorder loses a lot of quality and so now i'm using VDJ's recording method to rip sounds off my computer, but even with that i still can hear a tiny bit of clipping n such. If theres any programs or tips on how best to go about this, it would be much appriciated, thanks =)
  1. Get yourself a decent audio editing program, e.g. Audacity or Adobe Audition
  2. If you have the audio you're trying to capture actually on your hard drive, then you can probably open it using your audio editing program, then just trim it down to the sample you want. Otherwise keep reading...
  3. (I can't remember exactly how you get to this in Vista but...) open volume control, go to properties, recording, and select "stereo mix" or "wave" or "what you hear" as your recording device. Keep that volume control window open
  4. Open your audio editing program, create a new file and start recording. There's usually a pretty obvious record button in these programs
  5. Play whatever sound you're trying to capture

If you notice any clipping, turn down the levels on your recording device in volume control and then try recording again. If that doesn't work, try turning down the volume of the input too.

Good luck mate, let us know how you get on. (y)


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yeah, what he said ^^

although, if possible, record directly from the line/aux in rather than "what you hear"

sounds like clipping is your main problem, like deviant said, turn down the levels. i think all wave editors have input level monitors so you can make sure your not going into the red

if the quality is still not up to scratch, check your recording settings.... make sure you record at 44,100Hz 16bit or higher

shitty cables and soundcard will also affect the quality