RippeR with 'Dash Total'D' @ Bondi Bar, Altrincham - DnB & Dubstep - Part 13 - £1/£2


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Entry Fee :- £1 before 10:30pm, £2 there after

Well well well, what can i say.. the crowd certainly made the last RippeR one for the memory bank, unfortunately i was clung to the bbq for a good portion of the night but from what i saw it was going off!!
Special thanx to all those who made it down, all DJs seemed like they was enjoying themselves as much as the crowd keepin the vibes on a high level throughout..


***This is the 13th event and DJ's appearing on stage will be***

- DASH TOTAL'D - ( Bass Clash Recording )

6 months can fly by when your having fun, AND ITS TIME FOR A COME BACK!
I get a little excited when i know Dash is on the bill, with his mix of hardhitting tracks and quality mixing technic you can always expect some big sounds.
Dash has been producing for 7 years and recentley started making some serious noise within Dubstep, DnB and Drumstep with a recent release on 'Bass Clash' with his 'Erb Man EP' featuring his new alias D2, find the tracks here :-

- HEPPSTA - ( RippeR )

Been waiting a while to get Heppsta on the last set, we're giving him a little 30minute set to smash it out for all the crew!! Man can bring some heavy mixes keeping things tight with a mass selection of style within the Drums and Bass, GET READY! Listen to a mix here :-

- SALVAGE B2B SPLICE with GNI MC - ( Oh My God! )

Good friends of mine and second time on the RippeR stage this time bringing with them a heavy mix of jumpup. Anyone who have seen these guys performing over the past few months know that they bring the pressure! Joined by who i consider the best MC in Manchester right now the lyrical the genius the man who is Gni MC.
To find a mix from Splice and Salvage go here, also tracks from Splice :-


Better known as Ben Morgan and Daniel Gates the pair absoulty smashed the dance at the Halloween Special so they finally return to show us what they started, check out a recent mix from Gatts here:-

- METABOLIC - ( RippeR Début )

When i first heard Metabolic i was blown away, his creativity within dubstep is crazy bringing with him some monsertous sounds, only for half an hour at this one so make sure you get down and see the man in action. Find some tracks here:-

- PALEMAN - ( RippeR Début )

Making his first RippeR on stage we welcome Paleman who is a local to these parts and making some serious sounds with tracks like 'Into ' and 'Sway '
Be sure to check him out , find his tracks here :-

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First time playing together and first time for Fearon on stage, get down early and enjoy some soulful Drum and Bass.

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Again this will be held in Altrincham at Australian bar ''Bondi''
- with 6 Hours of Bassmusic! from DJs from all around the North-West.

Set times for DJ's on the night will be:-

08:45 - 09:45 - Fenetik B2B Fearon ( Warmup session )

09:45 - 10:15 - Paleman ( RippeR Début )

10:15 - 10:45 - Metabolical ( RippeR Début )

10:45 - 11:30 - Gatts B2B Fathead ( Heavy Mixing )

11:30 - 12:30 - Salvage B2B Splice ( Jump-up Duo )

12:30 - 01:30 - Dash Total'D ( The Noize is back in town )

01:30 - 02:00 - Heppsta ( Just wait and see )

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- Dont forgot we now have a cloakroom cost of £1, located by the door.
(we cant not be held reasonable for your possessions outside of the cloakroom)

- Due to RippeR getting a larger audience at each event there will now be a £1 door charge meaing we can hire in another bouncer to keep you guys safe. Any extra money goes into making the night better experence ie. lighting, sound etc.

- Upstairs has now become a chill out area, so even if you want to come with your mates and have a couple of beers you can do. .

- There is also a balcony upstairs for all you horrible smokers ;)

- RippeR Radio - Every Thursday - 8 till Late LIVE with various guests all hosted by Danny Intro, tune in for the news at 10 at 10, Intros weekly rant and the tune of the week.

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Over 18's only!
Bring ID if you look young
Please leave attitudes at home