Dubstep RippeR Podcast 004 - Mixed byWhatsHisFace - Dubstep - (Twisted) - 04/12/2011


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RippeR Podcast 004 - Mixed by WhatsHisFace - Dubstep - (Twisted) - 04/12/2011

RippeR has been forever growing for the past year celebrating its first birthday in August 2011.
Since then we have launched a Youtube site featuring some of producers who appear on the RippeR stage.
We also released all the mixes from the RippeR events over the past year on Mixcloud.com now featuring 40 mixes.
A monthly Podcast is our next instalment including all DJ's who appear at RippeR, which we'll also be uploading to Mixcoud.com

This Podcast features ( DJ / Producer ) WhatsHisFace - Dubstep mix, he says :-

"I have been producing and collecting Dubstep for around 4 years now and I wanted to share a mix with RippeR which would portray that most. Here I have included various tracks of my own to give you, the listener, the chance to see what I am capable of within the genre. This mix focuses on the darker and more atmospheric sides of Dubstep with hints of aggressive basslines. I hope you enjoy!"

To Download simply follow the link below :-


To Stream the mix, please follow the link and press play :-


1. Conspiracy – Whatshisface (Unreleased)

2 .Way mi defend – Kahn (Box Clever)

3. The Ghost – Headhunter (Orca Recordings)

4. Albarsha – Hatcha & Lost (Sin City Recordings)

5. Myth – Kryptic Minds (Black Box)

6. Talk Tone – Whatshisface (Unreleased)

7. Blank Space – DJ Madd (Black Box)

8. Flip the coin – Ben Verse (Wheel & Deal Records)

9. Exhale – Icicle & Distance (Shogun Audio)

10. The Fifth – Kryptic Minds (Black Box)

11. At Source – Whatshisface (Unreleased)

12. Next Phase – Phaelah (Wheel & Deal Records)

13. Snitch – Squarewave (Boka Records)

14. Faithless – Benga (Kapsize Records)

15. Twisted Bass – Whatshisface (Unreleased)

16. Power Surge – LAS (Black Box)

17. Unforgiven – Matt U (Osiris Music)

18. Empty inside – Matt U (Osiris Music)


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