RIP Apex :(

Ah man - was hugely influenced listening and buying wise by Apex when I first started getting into dnb around 07/08

Wall of Sound EP was a huge favourite of mine but Space Between, Yearning VIP, Just One Second Remix and many more from his discography deserve a mention.

A truly diverse producer. RIP. :lighter:

"Release date: 21 April 2018"

Perhaps even more interesting is the image, which states the B-side is "Unknown Error - The Yearning (Super VIP mix)" o_O


Man, I'm getting sad again. Apex's remix of "Just one second" was one of the tracks, which got me into Drum and Bass. Then I've researched and found out about Unknown Error, which made me kinda appreciate another style of drum and bass. I'm speaking about Shadows from UE especially, when I was new to DnB.
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