RIP Apex :(

He's blessed us with so many good tracks that will be remembered for a very long time.. One of my favorite producer for sure.

Rest in peace, Apex. Unknown Error and the track Yearning got me into DnB in the first place. Thank you for introducing DnB to me, Apex.

First Marcus Intalex and now Apex. What a sad year...
Fuck. Still listen to Just One Second rmx all the time. Dnb doesn't get any more beautiful than that..

Thank you for the tunes :lighter: RIP
Really sad news...used to thrash Yearning VIP and his heavier Wall of Sound EP on Lifted...and really rated his Subtitles 12". Another sad loss to the scene
One month ago we repressed "Yearning" 12" Why? Because it was a much in demand release on our catalogue. A 12" loved by many, many got into drum and bass through this 12", many producers were inspired, and i still pinch myself that we were able to release this music. Rob was someone whose music was soaked in emotion, his releases stand out on our label. "Yearning", "Falling" "By The way", "Strings track remix"
We are devastated to hear the news yesterday, his music lives on. RIP

really sad news, it's a pity he didn't release more dnb. can always pick his drums from a mile away, so good. RIP
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