Rinse Proof Records

- Rinse Proof Records –

Rinse Proof Records is a new drum and bass label based in Bristol England with some out standing artists and producers which has planned releases from the first 4 Rinse Proof signings at the end of 2005 which include Skelm, The Illkillaz, Slack and Desecration with later on Cheech with another 4 artists having their release dates planned very shortly.

Expect a launch party in Bristol some time soon at the end of 2005 for the first one or two releases from Rinse Proof with give away’s including vinyl, c.d.’s and some limited edition t-shirts and caps.

We have a U.K. tour on the cards for early to mid 2006 and a European tour to follow that up with!
All in arrangement with Darkland-Agency.

The rinse proof merchandise can be purchased direct from us and in record shops around the U.K. which will be available very shortly.

The whole ethos at Rinse Proof is all in the name we give it our all and were Rinse Proof (we also have a sense of humor and that’s meant sarcastically ;) ).

Please feel free to join our forum were you can catch up with our artists for general chit-chat, on various topics (not just music related) and production techniques.

Radioshows gonna happen trough Cc-Radio and G.T.A radio

Also don’t hesitate to contact us at rinse proof with any queries or info with the e mail address at the bottom of this page.

And Big up to Tony Bandana from The Illkillaz for this site, he did a great job :slayer:
And big up to Skelm, Slack, Stixx, Desecration, Frisk, Brizene, Mindhackers and the rest involved in Rinse Prof Records