Rinse 20 launch party 27/09/12 at FWD>> Plastic People

Uncle Dugs

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FWD>> 27/09/12 is dedicated to the Rinse 20 launch party....

When I put this line up together I wanted it to represent the true foundation guys from the respective scenes they represent....

09:30-11:00 DJ Slimzee - THE Godfather of Grime music, this guy and his Sunday 3-5 show on Rinse FM back in the day was responsible for making more MCs and producers famous than any other DJ's show before or since... This guy was playing Grime from before it was even called Grime...!!

11:00-12:00 DJ Hatcha - Hatcha was a Dubstpe don from day dot,, he was playing at FWD>> in Plastic People before 99% of people into Dubstep nowadays even knew it existed.. Ex Rinse DJ but now banging out his sound every Tuesday night on Kiss FM..

12:00-01:00 Uncle Dugs - Well its my launch party so I gotta be on the bill aint I...!!

01:00-02:00 DJ Brockie - When it comes to Jungle music there aint many people that you can say come above Brockie in terms of time spent pushing the music and respect gained from it.. He is one of the reasons why I do what I do with the whole Jungle thing.. I would say that his show on Sunday nights back in the day was probably the most listened to regular show in Kool FM history..

As you can see, all 3 of my guests are real foundation artists,, now all we need is you lot to come down and shake a leg with us....!!