Rifine - Around The World In 80 Raves – Break, SPY, Spinline, Seba, Mortem - 100% vinyl

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As the football world cup kicked off this week, I thought I would have a go at paying homage to countries who represent the dnb scene all round the world (in my collection) and unite those counties in a mix. So, the idea went along the lines of picking a different country for every tune, and then picking one representative for that country. Some countries have more prevalent producers, and others are personal preferences (and more prevalent in my own tune collection). Some countries have a fair few more options to choose from than others, but its all part of the fun, and hope that I did all the countries proud that have been included in this mix. For this mix, England, Ireland and Wales are separate countries, which they are anyway (not just the UK).


Beastie Respond – Syncopy (Teal) (Denmark)
Subtension – AK47 (Renegade Hardware) (Slovakia)
Mortem – The Touch (IM:Ltd) (Poland)
>> Trisector - Lifeforms(Med School) (Finland) <<
Survey – You Wonder (Invisible) (Germany)
>> Calibre – Archive (Metalheadz) (Ireland) <<
Heavy1 – Ongaku (Rubiks Records) (Japan)
Optiv – Waterboard (Quarantine) (Switzerland)
Seba – Distance (Metalheadz) (Sweden)
>> Illskillz – Black Rabbit (Critical) (Austria) <<
Vromm – Prototype (31 Records) (Spain)
Kiat – Feeder (Metalheadz) (Singapore)
Moresounds – Etho (31 Records) (France)
L33 – Complex Things (Avantgarde) (Bulgaria)
>> Lockjaw – Obsidian (Invisible) (Australia) <<
Homemade Weapons – Conduit vip (Samurai Music) (America)
Sunchase – Varka (Xtinction Adjenda) (Ukraine)
Fre4knc – Full Measure (Invisible) (Holland)
>> Mutated Forms – Duct Tape (Grid Recordings) (Estonia) <<
Hybris – Losing It (Dispatch) (Czech Republic)
Abstract Elements – Curcuma (Invisible) (Russia)
Break – Run Off (Quarantine) (England)
>> Dabs – Subsidary (Dispatch) (Italy) <<
SPY – Xenomorph (Metalheadz) (Brazil)
Spinline – Irreverse (Dispatch) (Hungary)
Alix Perez – Gully Halves (Exit) (Belgium)
Dan Habarnam – The Boogaloo (Cylon) (Romania)
>> Consequence – 11 Circles (Exit) (New Zealand) <<
Edward Oberon – Noir (31 Records) (Wales)
>> Gremlinz – Mu Onna (Samurai Music) (Canada) <<

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