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Sep 8, 2009

Label Live & Dangerous LDDS 1

Release Date 6th December 2010

Distribution Cygnus Music

Dangerous New Age Recordings new sister label Live & Dangerous is back to follow up on our first release The Vangardes Transmission EP. This time we call up the brilliant Singer Songwriter Keri Greenaway.
Ok so let me introduce you all to Keri Greenaway. Keri is a very talented singer song writer from the UK. She inspires people into making tunes that you will remember. She is currently working with some huge names in Mainstream Music & Drum & Bass as well as House, Electro, and live acts.

Keri is currently working on tunes with Optiv, J Majik & Wickaman and next year she is to be featuring on Blames new LP. She has also just re recorded a classic tune with Legendary Producer Jean Alain Roussel. He has worked with Bob Marley, Sting and the Police plus many more. Keri is on the verge of signing a major deal with a record label to. It won’t be long before this happens we can assure you that.

Keri is also the centre of a massive seven track release from Live & Dangerous next year. It’s called Tell me. This will be going through the UKS leading urban and mainstream promotion companies to hopefully pick up momentum for a UK dance chart release. Keri Greenaway is a name you will hear about very soon, and one that’s not to be missed!

Rico Scoop & Repetition – Holla Featuring Keri Greenaway

The track starts us off with some strings layered over a triangle waved beep. As the atmosphere builds up Keri comes in with the words Holla and the hats start to come in to complement her voice. The intro is keeping you locked like a heat seeking missile on a mission to destroy. Targets initiated.

The Drop is leaving a whole in the earth, like ground Zero. The bass line is massive, and Keri comes in with the full vocal lines of “when the lights are down low, and with no place to go, I want to hear you Holla.”
The energy in this track is putting Duracell out of commission. So charge up your raving batteries people.

Later on in the tune we decided to take Holla it into a musical direction and add live Guitars and Pianos to give it a nice melodic feel, but at the same time we are still keeping it border line Nuero. The second drop comes in with some off step Hip Hop beats and builds up nicely into Keri repeating the words Holla with some delay on her voice; this builds us up to the second part of the tune.

Rinse out time! The drops back and Live and Dangerous like a letter bomb taking you out before break feast in the morning. The tune rolls off after Keri once more goes through them words you will be signing for the rest of night. I want to hear you Holla. This track has gained support from Blame, plus the Huge DNB channel Nuerogrid on YouTube and its still doing the rounds. So one more time I Wanna hear you Holla.


We are nominated for the Drum & Bass Arena awards this year. This shows us that our hard work and people supporting us is really helping to make the labels a success.

Much appreciated thanks.

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