RH61 - Universal Project - Black Techno EP Promos!!

RH61 - Black Techno EP - Featuring "Jackhammer" Remix by Vicous Circle.

Limited Pre - release - whites available http://Shop.tovmusic.com

A) Black techno.

The suitably titled A side, “Black Techno” is an exceptionally dark yet mysteriously laid back piece that builds itself around a hypnotic, trance inducing groove. Universal project bring on a sophisticated and somewhat old skool vibe that is more than a little reminiscent of years gone by, showering the rock solid groove with their signature of unearthly samples and sounds.

B) Hungry mouth.

Another journey into the darkest depths of the Universal Projects’ imagination. Maintaining stylistic coherence, the feel of the track is yet again refreshingly laid back. Rather than burn out your energy within a couple of minutes, UP gently and gradually build the tension drawing you in little by little, with the help of a densely layered rhythm track.

C) Jackhammer (Vicous Circle rmx)

Jackhammer, the absolutely brilliant and epic cut originally released on Loxy’s excellent label, Cylon, around the turn of the century. It has been brought bang up to date by new talent on the scene, Vicious Circle. The rework of Jackhammer is a thoroughly violent and deeply gripping piece; at its peak it will penetrate your very soul. By far the least subtle track on the EP, this track is arranged with more than enough interest created to keep your ears locked to the beats all the way to the very end.

D) Encore

A Bubbling, percussive beat provides the backbone for a bass driven, dub influenced and dance floor orientated roller. However UP’s trademark rawness and wild sounds prevail giving the tune a distinctly original edge.