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Oct 1, 2006
To celebrate the fact that Xmas and more importantly Revival on Xmas Eve is just around the corner catch the Revival team out flyering from this weekend with free giveaway cds mixed by myself Uncle Dugs...

Its a little Jungle classics mix, nothing to obscure just the classics mixed up nice and easy with no talking or mcing...

Just in case we miss you this week out in clubland i have uploaded the mix for y'all to download with a tracklist so you know whats what..


1 revival xmas eve radio advert

2 da matrix - let me know

3 alex reece - pulp fiction

4 pascal - p funk era

5 andy c - roll on

6 roni size & dj die - music box

7 deep blue - helicopter

8 q project - champion sound remix

9 firefox - buck rogers

10 firefox & 4 tree - warning

11 lloydie crucial - ribbons in the sky

12 cool hand flex - melody madness

13 jo - r type

14 hyper on experience - lord of the null lines

15 fusion - love for the world

16 origin unknown - valley of the shadows remix

17 leviticus - the burial - philly blunt

18 ron and stretch - worries in the dance - london someting

19 m beat - style - renk

20 tom and jerry - maximun style remix

21 marvellous caine - the hitman

22 bonanza kid


Hope you enjoy the mix and we look forward to seeing you down at Revival, 24th December @ East Village, 89 Great Eastern St, Shoreditch....

Original Junglists in the house...!!​
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