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We are really sorry to have to announce the news that Revival @ Bar Rumba on Saturday 26th September has been cancelled after several attempts to reconcile the night with the club. The final outcome is that head office are not confident in having a Jungle drum and bass night in Westminster. The music / artists / promotion and people have been pigeon holed which is a terrible shame and injustice.

People have suggested that we should move the venue but this could not be an option because the first 2 parties were so successful we didn’t want to rush and move somewhere else other than Bar Rumba. We could not risk having REVIVAL end up being half the party it should be so we decided against this. The next party we have will be bigger and better than the last one!

Words cannot even start to stress how sorry we are. Not only because we have lost time and effort, but mainly the fact that REVIVAL has become a party with a fan base that understands our vision. We put the nights on to make sure the ravers have a good time and in return we get a buzz and vibe about doing the next party. We hope you understand we did not intend to mess you around, the control has been taken from our hands on this occasion. We will learn a lesson from this experience and move on, we look forward to your continued support in the brand REVIVAL.

My last words on this for the minute are to apologise and thank everyone that has shown us support. I know that the true Revival gang will know that we only ever want the best for the party and the party people who support us in it.

We have put together a list of good events with links to all info you need that are also happening on the weekend of the 26th Sept so you can decide what to do now REVIVAL is not going ahead as planned..

Fri 25th Sept - Traffic @ Rhythm Factory, Whitechapel ….

Sat 26th Sept – Jungle Ravenation @ Lightbox, Vauxhall

Sat 26th Sept – 1Nation @ Opera House, Bournemouth,house&#1971611528

Now for some good news.. Dont worry to much about that because we have the rest of 2009 to still get through yet..!!

Revival in the Dam is all confirmed and ready to go if you are looking for a nice little smokers / junglist break away, This will take place on Friday October 23rd @ Club Paradiso in the heart of Amsterdam. The main promotion on the night is from Oi.! meets Dub Police but we are proud to be hosting the arena 2 with a nice little Jungle line up ready to Jungle up the party. Brockie, Redant, and Uncle Dugs will be flinging down selection with the vocal talents of The Ragga Twins and Co-gee with MC 5ive-0 to finish the line up off.. You can click on the link here to have a look at the flyer the Oi.! crew have put out already


Flights are going for about £85 for a weekend return from easyjet --->>>

If you can make it i can assure you that aside from the pure laughter and fun that you have as standard in the Dam we will be chucking down some old Jungle to get our room back in that 94 Jungle feel. It would be really nice to catch a few of you out there, we already have around 60 odd travelling brits coming out to support the night so it is shaping up to be a funny little excursion with a good helping of Jungle on the menu which to me is perfect.. Amsterdam b2b Jungle = Heaven lol

If you cant make it to the Dam, fear not as we already have other dates and nights planned in and around London, The Revival 1st birthday at Xmas being the next date. We dont wanna let to much out now but be assured that the same as last year Revival will be the Jungle dance to be at in the lead up to Crimbo..

So, it started off with a bit of bad news and got better as you read on, shame about Rumba it really is but what dont kill us can only make us stronger and this little hiccup is "just what it says on the tin" lol, a little hiccup..!!

As Stevie Hyper D (RIP) used to say, "JUNGLIST FOR EVER AND THEY CANT RUN WE OUT".! They definitely cant run we out..!!!

Big up all the Revival gang and all the Junglists cos so far the texts and messages we have received off of people really make us feel nice in knowing that this little Jungle party we started seems to mean as much to some of the ravers as it does to us.


The Revival Team..


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i would come to the dam but don't want you cancelling on me or anything. ;D
Then again im sure you did everything you could. fairplay.
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They ain't confident about having a Jungle drum and bass night.....then what was Movement!?!?!

Do Bar Rumba head office know their arse from their elbow?

Big up Dugs anyway, and that Dam trip sound good!


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Thats bollox I went to Logans bday there last year, same with Ruffstuff & Fun's! I agree w/mr G and it's probably for the best that you don't try & organise a night w/people that clearly haven't got a clue what they're doing?!

Out of interest what was the main reason(s) as to why they wouldn't host another jungle night there? All bollox imo but oh well!


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"The final outcome is that head office are not confident in having a Jungle drum and bass night in Westminster. The music / artists / promotion and people have been pigeon holed which is a terrible shame and injustice."

Gettin tired of this association with drum and bass man

Do they really think things are gonna kick off at a jungle night?

Even if dnb is still gettin pigeon holed, I'm proud to believe that it still brings the best vibe to a dance compared to any other type of music, you think these bandwagon jumpin fidget house "heads" really give a fuck about the music when they go to a "rave" and get "messy"

Fuckin pisses me off man

Big upz Revival