Revisiting Azteqh / Introducing Nautikal

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    Revisiting Azteqh / Introducing Nautikal (Roots Manuva, Witness - Azteqh remix / Nautikal, 'This Way')

    One track that deserved to see the light a long time ago but as yet hasn't is the Azteqh remix of Roots Manuva's 'Witness'. The raw bassline and rushing light percussion of this remix blend together, infusing the listener to move. Technical craftsmanship and forward thinking help to guaranty this Drum and Bass piece would shake a club aswell as offer intelligent listening at home.

    About 3 months ago Azteqh passed over some tracks produced under a new name, Nautikal. The sounds put through under this name represent the third evolution in this artists sound.

    One of these tracks was the DnB number, 'This Way'. Kicking off with light layers and some classic Azteqh wooden percussion, Nautikal drops into a darker vibe. Heavy kick drums stomp under a low but dominant layer. Its good to hear the sound of Azteqhs sub-bass drops coming through on the Nautikal sound.

    Listen here >>>