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MacMafia “Renegade Outlaw/Echo Chamber” on Deadly Records
Back from a long period of silence, this label is due for big things. Here’s is the proof. “Renegade Outlaw” is a tuff jump up number, yet there is a hint of ska in the way the sub is put together. Yes yes. The flipside is hard as hell. “Echo Chamber” is dark and dirty. A deep orchestral intro leads into a manic breakdown. Crazy drum edits and mad sound effects rip up the speakers. One for the serious heads. A personal favourite.

Soundclash “Massive/The Filth” on XS records
Local lad Benny page certainly had his hand in this bombastic pair of bouncers. “Massive” comes over all mysterious before busting into a serious jump up groove. Already burning up floors . The flipside is equally strong. “The Filth” has a G-Funk intro, complete with a soul vocal loop. Don’t be fooled this one is as explosive as the A-side.

Heist “What Once Was/Metal Slug” on Metalheadz
This man has made regular appearances at Sub Factory and if you have heard his dubplates, you know he makes heavy tracks. No wonder that Goldie has picked up on these tunes. The A-Side swells in on beautiful synths before an evil sub twists up the sound. The strings come back in and this rolls out in style. “Metal Slug” is possibly harder than the A side, melodic strings ride over speaker cracking beats and bass. Destructive beats.

Shapeshifter “Long White Cloud” on Tru Tone
A favourite for life. Almost nuff said really. The vocals sound a like a classic house track. Soulful lyrics lift up the mood. This is a lovers track, memory music. Class beats and a big round sub roll nice on the Nu-Tone mix. The Dancefloor version is equally magic. The only question every time is which version to play?

Dkay “Move Y’all/ Sunday Morning” on Bingo
After doing some great tracks with Jenna G for her album, Dkay also released the subliminal “Serenade”. This 12 sees him provide something for both ends of the D&B spectrum. “Move Y’All is a massive dubsteppin rocker. A huge jump up mid range drops in halfway through. Boom! The reverse sees the melodies taking control. Echoing saxes come with the roll. Grand piano chord progressions and subtle strings give this the misty laid back sound. A heavy sub roks underneath keeping this heavy.

Bad Robot “Dr Woman/Lateral Hazard” on Habit Records
One of my favourites of the month. A Horror film soundtrack haunts us up to the massive breakdown. Pounding subs are like bouncing bombs with beats exploding all around. Tuff sounds. The flip is even better. An almost humorous Dr.Spock sample will get your ears twitching. Head nodding technoid sounds and robotic sound effects set this up just right. The main rub is raw. This techstepper hits the mark square on. Watch out for their other tracks on Medusa records.

Dr Def “Promised Land/ Chlorine Dream” on Terrafunk
Sparfunk kicks off his new label with a fresh artist. No doubt on the strength of these massive tunes. “Promised Land” swells in on a beautiful freedom speech. Inner note chords will plunk the strings of ya soul before this crash-lands in realty. Huge acidic bass sweeps bust out under tight percussion edits. “Chlorine Dream” muscles its sway through the speakers on a half step tip. It’s a big intro, which drops into a bagpipe melody before twisting off into the madness.

Deep Sound III EP on New Identity Recordings
This series has seen some excellent moments already, unlike films; the sequel is as good as the original. Zen turns his hand to the more rolling side of things with “Sunday”. Smooth strings and a relaxing electric piano chord ease into a deep sub. Nice vocal loops finish this off nicely. Fresh from Estonia, Mutated Formz bring us “Green Aquarium”. Slow motion strings contrast the light speed beats. An organ bass adds a nice bit of pressure to a deep but energetic roller. Very nice. Peshay has joined the ranks of the Formation legion. “Colorado” harks of some of his jazzier party moments. A double bass and live instruments bubble nice. Konsta ( aka Muffler) is last up with “Under the Sun”. Emotive pianos and strings glide under a soaring sax and heavy sub. A blissful number is from the heart. Watch out for “You Are the One” on Midnite Sun Recordings by Konsta too.

DJ Fresh “The Immortal/Living Daylights” on Breakbeat Kaos
Whilst you’re waiting for DJ Fresh’s debut album (Escape From Planet Monday), these tracks will keep ya busy. “The Immortal” is on a par with all his past glories. A huge b-movie sample moves in on big strings. The subs are monstrous. Once unleashed they stampede like a heard of angry elephants. You won’t have any choice but to follow every twist of the subs. “Living Daylights” builds up on a vocal and a dark midrange. When it drops it switches into a full on jump up party killer.

Cujo “My House/Graveyard Shift” 5HQ
5HQ is back. The In-House label of Leicester’s finest vinyl emporium. With the shop in new hands and looking new, it was time to re-launch this imprint. Wales’s Cujo lets loose with a couple of smashers. “My House” takes its name from the gospel style house ‘sermon’. All hell breaks loose when this drops; Hyperactive beats for Hyperactive heads. “Graveyard Shift” gives nothing away in the lead in. The manic house organ riff unleashes raw energy.

Xample “Downbeat/Sister (feat. Crystal Clear)” on Frequency Recordings
The first tune kicks off with sexual vocals and a half step beat. Lazy rhodes keys breeze into the mix. The track rises into a party vibe. Simple beats and a hyperactive mid range are tightly controlled. New directions for Mr.Xample. Teaming up with Crystal Clear for “Sister”, heavy percussion and vocal slices punctuate the mad workout. Clever edits and arrangements keep this tight and precise killer moving.

Vibez Recordings # 29
This double headliner has Electro Soul System with “Dirty Blue”. Riding on a mysterious wave of sound, this switches into an original switching bassline. Lots of drum edits and eastern vocal loops add weight to a 10 ton track. Soul Purpose (Kymera & Dj Solo) provide the double AA. “I Got Feeling” uses a big sermon sample to lift up your spirit. The pressure sub pushes through under a catching female vocal. This has been doin the biz on the liquid circuit.

SPL EP on Technical Itch
Holland’s SPL can twist up beats wit the best of them, and this industrial tear out is no exception. “Death” brings brooding subs that warp out in almost acidic fashion. The beats form a maze of crazy variations. Evil voices whisper disturbed messages whilst horror film atmospherics mess with your head. “Grey Dream” has a hypnotic filmscore style beginning. It’s a dark stepper with technoid leanings. It does the business. “Deux Ex” uses haunting strings to build into an explosion of drum and bass pressure. The last track is even more extreme. “It’s Won’t” will tear up the sound. A colossal track to end a colossal EP.

Pendulum “Hold Your Colour (BiPolar Vocal Mix) / Streamline” on Breakbeat Kaos
Going back to their roots, Pendulum use live sounds and a guitarist’s approach to arrangement. This different flavour has allowed Pendulum to add different dimension to their live performance, and they supported the Prodigy last December. Coming from their huge album, this new version is already getting support from all corners. Pendulum burst out with warm strings and dreamy vocals on “Streamline”.


Its all a scam so start stealing
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