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Latent Notion “Blatent Lotion/ Blatent Lotion (Kinetic Rmx) on Kinetic Records
This is going to be a big year for this label if these two tracks are anything to go by. The original is a deep dark monster. Fat Breaks and cinematic strings rise up into a crescendo of vocals. It rips out into a warping sub with precise rhythms. Enormous. The Kinetic remix has been compared to the work of Moving Fusion and Andy C. No doubt because it’s so heavy. Serious jump up…heavy beats and bass…electronic has it all. A must have.

Redeyes & Youthman “Ghost Squad/About to Change” on Bingo
Brand new producers from France grace their new styles here first. “Ghost Squad” will cause pure party mayhem with its crisp funk. It’s all about the momentum with those slick rhythms, and clever samples. Redeyes goes solo on the buttons. “About to Change” is a musical fabric of reversed guitars, graceful synths and female vocals. A full bassline adds to the atmospheric style.

Reallocated EP on Reformed
This EP is so called due to the switch of distributor to the relaunched Devilfish company. DJ SS hits it off with a heavy track called “All About the Bass”. He’s got new talent in the form of Kay from Canada to do the vocal duties, and she performs admirably. SS is on the dials and the production is clean. Heavy beats and bass set this off. Zen turns out something more laid back in the form of “Dream” and as the title suggests it is less frantic than your usual Zen beats. Nero goes for the jugular with “Deadly Obsession”. This has been killing it. Mad sound effects switch in and out of the mix as clever samples from the news describe a mass murderer. The subs are psychotic. Muffler ‘s “Parallel Worlds” is a hard rockin jump up driller, and it finishes off this EP just on the right tones.

Blame “Tyrant/Prophecy” on Charge
Blame does not let up the pace with his recent releases. A short but sweet build up bursts into this anthemic bubbler. Lots of clever touches and attention to detail keep this running. “Prophecy” is like a sci fi movie on wax. Future strings and sound effects drop out into a rave style vocal breakdown. Wide subs add the pressure.

Jenna G “Supersounds/Healings” on Bingo
Further flavours from this eminent vocalist. This time Friction provides the sounds. Heavy jump up subs and ten ton beats ensure this is a rewind. Jenna’s infectious lyrics provide the anthem quality this one needed. There is an accapella for the turntablists. The flip drops the pace into a jazzy runner. Soulful lyrics and neat piano runs sound great over a clean sub.

Jenna G “Supersounds (Clipz remix)/Oh No” (Craggz & Parallel Forces remix) on Bingo
As if the original wasn’t heavy enough, Full Cycle’s golden boy twists it up into a floor-funked version. His distinctive hyper style runs underneath the sparser vocals. A sure shot for the jump up massive. Craggz & Parallel Forces dare to be different on their retake of “oh No”. It’s time to rock baby, heavy guitars and a live feel make this sound very different indeed.

Aries “Herbsmoke (TC Remix)/ Strider “Legends” on Co-Lab Recordings
Herbsmoke was a massive track last year, and TC has given this new lick. He’s turned this into a dirty dubby party number. Fantastic rework. For me it’s all about the flip, which is as heavy as Strider’s recent Metalheadz outings as Heist. Watch this. Echoing piano’s and aggro “yeh Yeh” vocals build up the vibe. This supersize subs and amen workout is a firm favourite of mine. Killah.

“Mainline/Funk Dog” on Emotif
DJ Andy has been on the Brazilian D&B scene from the start. This debut sees a couple of very nice collaborations. Microb joins him for “Mainline” a breezer. Simple guitar and string arrangements compliment a smooth bass riff. Soulful vocals add to the sunshine rollidge. “Funk Dog” sees DJ Andy join Drummagick for a rather special kind of rinse out. Electro style sound effects. An electric bass line roll into a floor to the floor section. Talk about a mad technoid feel in the main drop…infectious. The beat slows down, until it nearly stops, a half step version of its badself, before it raises back up into madness.

Break “The Myth/BreathlessVIP” on DNA Audio
Deep strings and flutes will transport you to the depths of your consciousness. There are nightmares on the horizon though, as violent breaks and tense bass notes seem to suggest. When the storm breaks this one is ripping it up. Distorted 909 subs and aggressive mid growls steamroller through. This one twists and turns through dark breakscapes. Superb.
B:The beautiful trance like intro of the original has been enhanced by extra sounds and touches. The main drop is if anything smoother, but the nasty switch in the middle is darker than before. Do not be fooled. This gets filthier after that, nastier until it rolls out.

“Steppin Stones (Friction & Zinc remix)/Mistral” on Bingo
One of the Bingo signature tracks, “Steppin Stones” gets a fresh touch of EQ from Zinc and Friction. The beats are crisper, the organ bass more punchy, and of course there are plenty of fresh edits. It’s tight precise and just right. “Mistral” sees Zinc going it alone. A sparse intro rises up into a jump up monster. Classic jump up business: -that rolling sub is rude bwoy material.

US vs.UK on Metalheadz
This Ep sees two producers pitting their top tracks against the others.
D Star “If”; A compelling lead-in will grab your attention with its mellow beatless appeal. A sound effect slowly fades in, before taking over as serious cone pushing subs sweep aside the melody, only for the melody to return. A sublime classic.
“Winter in America”; A darker style emerges as the needle hits the record. With an environmental theme, and something a little deeper, this is in line with the soul-searching style of drum and bass. My gosh this rips it up.
Loxy “Behind the Mask” Switching drum patterns and sound effects set the pace for this one. Dark drones increase the sense of unease. An almost jazzy yet disconcerting breakdown rolls into a heavily warped dubbed out rave mutation. True to the core.
“Spear of Destiny” Warm strings and horns will lift the spirit with this optimistic style. This doesn’t switch and get dark and destructive but rides on that ray of sunshine. Killer EP.

Global Connections Vol.1 on World of Drum & Bass
A nice full spectrum selection from the Formation stable. This has is all. Norway’s Future Prophecies give up a surprisingly dark track. ”Control the Beast” well, it’s a monster, what else could I say? I like the way it drops down a gear near the second breakdown and uses a hip hop vocal, before battering the dancefloor with even more. Yes yes. Muffler of Finland has concocted a fine track here. “The Story of Lapland” uses an orchestral arrangement, oooh oooh vocals and a midrange bass to bring this up to the drop. Muffler controls this one nicely, and it may be dancefloor jump up mayhem, but it retains it melodic optimism. Connecta brings “Botox” from Germany, no messing jump up business. Straight in with a rave stab, amens following soon after. Bosh Bosh. Skyver & D Jon finish up with a dirty little number. Don’t be fooled by the b-movie invaders intro, this doesn’t go darkside but rips up the floor instead.

“360/Jazz Effect” on Crunch recordings
“360” has a sophisticated feel about it. Clever uses of filters make the chords and pads sound great. A clean and low sub rolls out nicely. This crosses the bridge between techstep and liquid. “Jazz Effect” is cleverly put together. Plucked guitars and synths rise up, the mood changing as the synth chords do. A horn style stab comes in, and then the subs roll out. Simple patterns sound just right. Sleezy guitars and hypnotic sound effects top this off. A firm favourite of mine.

5HQ: Jump up Chronicles by “Unknown”
All 5HQ are saying about this artist is that they hail from Germany. The A side starts mysteriously before dropping into a strange little skit involving a telephone call. Then it drops, layered basslines and melodies form a thick wall of energy. The reverse side drifts in on a mesmerising chord sequence. Don’t be fooled though, this is as tearing as the A-Side