REVIEW:Tactile “Supersystem” Timeless

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    Sep 29, 2005
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    This long awaited Debut LP is finally upon us. There are some monster tracks here, with the title track being a total killer. “Kentari” oozes Jungle Techno pressure, whist “Maharajah” gets ital. “Changing Slowly” is laced with deep emotion and is going to be staying in DJ’s selections for time to come. “Posers” is a reference to all the people who stand round the edges of dancefloors checking their hair is still gelled correctly. A tearing track that will have the ravers sweating hard. “Sandtrap” is possibly the heaviest track of the album, the mysterious build up giving way to warping sub pressure.Complex beats assaulting the senses. This LP was certainly worth the wait, and the reaction is always positive when these tunes are dropped.