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Twisted Individual “Swan Cake/Bollock Yoghurt ( G-Dub Rmx) Grid
Twisted’s cheeky chappie style shines out on this mamouth track. Gentle snippets of Swan Lake are almost sarcastic, as this drifts in. A tearing bassline ensures that this isn’t just a load of Ballet. Proper tearer. The G-Dub Remix of “Bollock Yoghurt” is no less firing, with a nasty re-take of a killer tune.

Dave Angel “Rotation (Marky & XRS rmx)Brothers/” V Records
The Brazillian lads add their sunshine flavours to this Dave Angel’s distinctive Techno mastery. Off beat toms and techno stabs are gradually joined by the other pieces of this musical jigsaw, until it all makes perfect sense. On the flip XRS reworks “Brothers”. It has a distinct Carnival flavour, percussion and voclas bouncing over the beats correctly.

Utah Jazz “Runaway/Feeling Inside” Liquid V
Taken from the forthcoming Liquid V Club Sessions II album ( mixed by AI), these two tracks are spot on. “Runaway is a soulful anthem, which has been getting cained by Fabio and LTJ Bukem. Not surprising really. “Feeling Inside” is fresh out the lab, and its gospel house style backing sounds and running beats make this a classic.

Ill Logic & Raf “White Noise EP” Metalheadz Platinum
“Art and Illusion” has disturbing overtones, tempered only slightly by the echoing female vocal that switches in and out. The raw bassline adds energy to the beats building up the pressure nicely. “Inside Out” uses mad reverb effect on a guitar like sound to get a distinctive sound. This bounces just right, a dubby bass and stepping beats do the job just right. “The Republic” is pure class, simple rythyms and atmospherics have an energy of their own. Proving that less is more. “Uneasy” features the exquisite vocals of Emine. Captivating piano licks set this up. A House style Moog bassline adds that extra pressure. Spot on EP.

A-Sides “Reunions/Inspiration” Bingo
Jay Cambridge’s trademark beats are complimented nicely by warm spacious synths. Soaring leads join the optimistic feel of this track. Even the bassline is on a sunshine tip. Superb. “Inspiration” gets deeper, with double bass riffs and flutes working their magic. Hypnotic jazzy piano runs and complex beats add to the futuristic feel.

Neil Mac and AMC “C1 Music/Greenfly “Suelo Mas Alto (AMC Rmx)” Frequency Factory
“C1 Music” is a classic Dubstepper. Conscious lyrics, heavy subs, all tight, all precise. Loads of Ragga samples, sirens, and horn snippets only add to the authenticity. “Suelo Mas Alto” was orinally a chilled out down beat affair composed by Greenfly. AMC has taken the vocals, and a few drums and completley reworked this. AMC has crafted it into a heavy roller, which has plenty of melody, and the subs are not as aggressive as AMC’s usual work. A nice pair! ( Of tunes!)

Callide “Feather Duster/Mooshoo” Deadly Records
LOAD Media’s Deadly P has spotted Callide’s up and coming talent and chosen a couple of storming tracks. “Feather Duster” uses eth American Censor Boards rating blurb as an intro. A perfect build up to a bubbling Jump up track. The false drop on the breakdown works very well too. Watch out for this producer, and this label.