REVIEW : DJ Fresh “Escape From Planet Monday” Breakbeat Kaos Records


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Kicking off with the rock influenced “Nervous” featuring Mary Byker from Apollo 440, you can see why Fresh has carved himslef a niche in the scene. His willingness to meld outside influences into his sound gives him appeal outside of the world of D&B. “Pink Panther” has serious funk appeal. Distorted slap bass melds with heavy sub low. Psy Clone’s Nathan Haines provides the cheeky flute riff.
Fats gets on the mike for “Babylon”, and Pendulum join Fresh on the dials. It’s a neat little bubbler, you can see why Andy C has selected this for his “Nightlife 3” compilation.
DJ Shadow is on the next track, a downbeat head nodder. Crisp beats and drifting mellodies will take you away.
“X-Project” is a huge anthem. Sci Fi samples and bleeps set this up for the drop. Fresh’s distinctive jump up style means this will be a popular track with the raving crew. All strung out has a big orchestral breakdown that explodes into a heavy roller. The violins and melodies stay, but an edited amen and sub pressure make this a stand out track.This album has plenty of other goodies on it, “Submarines”,”The Immortals”,”All That jazz” and even a guest appearance by Jerimy Beadle….??!!!
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