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    Retraflex also known as Tom Bassi and Stephen Dampier are a duo that I firmly believe have been incredibly influential over the past few years in drum and bass. This may not be entirely obvious on the surface, but I feel there are a layer of people involved with the genre more apparent in underground circles, that perhaps don’t get enough recognition for their role in influencing sounds coming out of the scene and pushing things forward.

    Retraflexs’ involvement with drum and bass extends through various outlets; they both DJ and produce, they’re responsible for running nights that have gained a reputation as a staple for innovative beats and a line-up of the finest of up-coming DJ’s (the next is at Plan B – you would be crazy to miss it) and a fair few of Retraflex’s releases have been on their own imprint, the highly regarded Flexout Audio. Flexout is a label renowned for it’s catalogue of creative genius and technical savagery. The label outputs beats of varying style – perhaps perceived as primarily dark and techy, ‘Logarithmic’ the debut Flexout LP definitely illustrated variety. An album ranging from the spaced out completeness of facing Jinx’s ‘Intentions’ to the dark and lurking sounds of Need For Mirrors ‘Dead Wood’, this is a label that undeniably delves into varying styles to purvey the finest of up-coming beats.

    Having recently celebrated ‘5 years of Flexout’ we were treated to 5 tunes, over 5 weeks, by 5 of our favourite Flexout artists. Needless to say, these five releases are unmissable, here’s what happened when we caught up with one half of Retraflex and Flexout, Tom Bassi:

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    Never heard of them before and this is quality cheers mate, will try make it down to planb in jan been looking for some alternative nights like this.