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    High Hat booking presents:


    "Sub Luna" album tour is now booking!

    Dates available for UK/Europe:
    October - November, 2005

    Inquiries, details on dates, mixsets & promotional material, please contact:


    Warning sound of the Resound sound!!!

    After releases on 15 different labels all around the world.... The time has finally come for the first full lenght Resound album - "Sub Luna" - on Warm Communications! In celebration he will be touring Europe where he can be booked separately or together with his partner in crime MC Coppa (a resident of the infamous Flex club in Vienna).

    While perhaps bubblin under compared to the most profilic of players in the scene, Resound & Coppa both have nearly 10 years of experience doing the drum and bass thing. The dedicated two have rocked crowds allover the world from the UK and rest of the Europe all the way down to Russia and China. This time the whole of Europe has a chance to catch them setting the dancefloors on fire with a distinctive combination of heavy rolling beats, storming bass and intense, captivating atmosphere. Always fresh, always special, always deep & always slammin!

    Resound august TOP 20

    Resound feat. MC Coppa - Motor Blood VIP [dub]
    Resound feat. MC Coppa - Dealing With The Pressure [dub]
    DJ Lee, Karl K & Jae Kennedy - Come Home RMX [dub]
    Resound - Crystal Dreams [Vibez forthcoming]
    Mayhem & Psidream - Unsung [Red Light forthcoming]
    Gremlinz & Stranjah - Tingz [Metalheadz forthcoming]
    Resound - Sub Luna [Warm Communications forthcoming]
    Karl K, Kaos & Jae Kennedy - Miami Vice [Habit forthcoming]
    Physics - Murder Dub [Metalheadz forthcoming]
    Resound - Spiral Web [Warm Communications forthcoming]
    NJC - Gold Leaf [Vibez forthcoming]
    Motion - Plasma [dub]
    ASC & Motion - Switchblade [dub]
    Resound - So Bad [dub]
    Resound - Ghetto Funk [dub]
    LAOS - State Of Mind (Dice RMX) [Blindside forthcoming]
    Spinline - Suicide Club [Vibez forthcoming]
    Physics & XRS - Sand Of Time [Jerona Fruits forthcoming]
    Gremlinz & Stranjah - Clap Back [Horizon forthcoming]
    Resound - Sun Charm [Warm Communications forthcoming]

    All-Resound showcase mix:

    1 Resound - Untitled [Cyberstep]
    2 Resound - Crystal Dreams [Vibez]
    3 Resound feat. MC Coppa - Motor Blood VIP [-]
    4 Resound - Ghetto Funk [-]
    5 Resound - Spiral Web [Warm Communications]
    6 Resound feat. MC Coppa - Dealing With The Pressure [-]
    7 Resound - Runnin [Warm Communications]
    8 Resound - Untitled [Cyberstep]
    9 Causes & Forces - Reality Drop (Aleem Sahiid Ivory RMX) [Tokyo Dawn]