Drum & Bass Resample-Saladfield [liquid]


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hey man the atmosphere is great but the tune sounds a little bit too slow for me, dnb should be over 170 really IMO?? what tempo is this?
Cool track man! The slow tempo was a little strange at first to me too, haha. It's all good though. So, a few notes I'd make about the production; the reversed crash cymbal in the beginning is a bit abrupt; I'd put a volume envelope on it and have it start out at zero and slide in a bit, just so it is a bit smoother, if you know what I mean. I also wouldn't let it get quite so loud. At the first 'verse', I really like the gated mid range sound, that's really nice. The bass I think is a decent pattern, but it's kinda strange and muddy. It's hard to tell what's really going on down there. I'd suggest replacing whatever you're using for a sub with a sine wave or similar simple wave form. The second verse (1:25) has a nice little drum fill into it, I like that. The new snare layer that comes in seems to me like it's a little too wet; as in, I'd tighten up the decay/release envelope on the snare. Right now it lingers a little longer than I'd like. But that's more of personal taste. I really like where the next section goes, adding more and more stuff in. 3:07 starts a cool moment where suddenly we hear a different selection of instruments; it's an awesome change! I'd suggest lengthening that section, even if you pretty much just have a fairly simple set of repeats of the phrase you already wrote. It'll give the listener a chance to really enjoy that changeup- and not only that, but it sound to me like it'd be a great point to start mixing in another track if it was in a DJ set.

Nice work overall man! Keep it up! :gslayer:


I like the intro, but I felt it was a bit long and also, the drums took too long to start up. Maybe some FX to build up the drop? The middle voice you have playing against the bass starting in the first section (which begins at :45) is neat; it doesn't seem like it's getting in the way of the bass, so maybe it could be louder? I like the fake drop at 1:25, really keeps the energy moving. The voice that came in at 2:18 is refreshing; I agree it could be in a longer section. I do feel it also could have been a bit more melodically complex. The outro didn't feel satisfying to me, not sure why but maybe you could progress into it differently? Like add reverse risers, or even just repeat the 2:18-starting section again but dropping out or EQ-cutting voices to make an obvious build down.

I liked the slower pace, and felt it fit in well with the chill vibe of the song. Wub it a bit and you could pass it off as high-energy dubstep. [j/k]