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double safety
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Mar 15, 2007
raglan, nz
anyone got the old hardleaders mix from knowledge? failing that anyone got any hardleaerds mix?

much appreciated in advance


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Dec 19, 2008
found this here
might be of interest to you, haven't listened to is so don't know what its like, looks good tho.
regulate- juniper (HL-008)
serve chilled- prophecy (HL-033)
capone- soldier (HL-001)
basic influence- still waters (HL-004)
venom- it’s on (HL-015)
lemon d- manhattan melody (HLLP-01)
capone- paradise (HL-014)
regulate- thoughts (HL-011)
capone- friday (HL-028)
sniper & mystical influence- springboard (HLLP-11S)
manifest- genesis (HL-016)
espionage- spies like us (HLLP-02)
formula 7 & tdk- mechanism (HL-017)
capone- massive (HL-001)
>> souljah- rollin’ (HL-012)
capone- fusion (HL-041)
banga- code red (HLLP-02)
souljah- come on (HL-012)
souljah- fade 2 black (HL-026)
decoder- fog (HL-010)
capone- alaska (HL-028)
capone- tudor rose (HL-042)
peshay- I need you (HL-050)
>> apex- spys (HL-009)
eljay & darkone- just for you (HLLP-9S)
total science- slipstream (HLLP-13)
capone- 2 da 1 (HL-050)
>> capone- take it down low (HL-055)
subject matter- online (HL-059)
digital- jester (HL-048)
andy b- no sacrifice (HLLP-13)
the outfit- cover girl (HL-60)
digital- critical situation (HL-048)
xample- sonic sleaze (HL-063)
total science- it’s not over (HL-054)

edit, knowledge cd

Soldier - Capone
Fade 2 Black - Souljah
Tudor Rose - Capone
Critical Situation - Digital Feat. MC YT
Massive - Capone
Hardtimes - TechLevel2
Turnover - Decoder
Fusion - Capone
Come on - Souljah
The Growler - Capone
Jester - Decoder
Tag - Decoder
Feelings - Capone
Firing Squad - Manifest
Stash - Decoder
Friday - Capone
Down with the Lights - Souljah
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