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    Hi everyone,

    Welcome to the first Reprise Agency news update for 2008, and a very special one it is too.

    Over the last few months we've been working on a bit of a re-launch of the agency, and after putting the finishing touches together during the Christmas break it's now ready. Take a look at what we've been up to.

    In this newsletter:
    - New exclusive addition - Red One (Ram Records / Frequency)
    -- New exclusive addition - Loxy (Renegade Hardware / Cylon / Digital Soundboy / X-Tinction Agenda)
    --- New exclusive addition - Icicle (Creative Source / Shogun Audio / Subtitles) <Netherlands>
    ---- New exclusive addition - SKC (Commercial Suicide / Hospital / Tactile) <Hungary>
    ----- New exclusive addition - MC I.D (Shogun Audio)
    ------ Makoto & Deeizm - double UK and Europe tour April & August 2008 - now booking
    ------- Reprise website v1.3
    --------- Reprise Podcast - 1st episode now available
    ----------- Other artist news


    New exclusive addition - Red One

    We're very pleased to announce the exclusive addition to the Reprise roster of one of the true multi-talents in the drum&bass movement - Red One. Label manager of the legendary Ram Records, producer, promoter and DJ - he's one of the most successful and consistent around, as well as always being one step ahead of the game. We are now representing Red One for bookings worldwide (except North America).

    Further information – http://www.repriseagency.com/artists/redone.html


    New exclusive addition - Loxy

    One of the original jedis of the d&b movement is now a member of the Reprise roster. Loxy's been representing with the likes of Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware and his own Cylon and Horsemen projects for well over a decade. Known for a unique selection and killer mixing skills, his production has also come to the fore, particularly with forthcoming cuts for Critical and Digital Soundboy. We are now representing Loxy for bookings worldwide (excluding North America).

    Further information – http://www.repriseagency.com/artists/loxy.html


    New exclusive addition - Icicle

    Anyone who's been listening to drum&bass over the last 12 months will have almost definitely have been exposed to the sounds of Icicle. Hailing from Eindhoven in the Netherlands, Icicle's productions have been catching the ears of DJs including Friction, Goldie, Fabio, Marcus Intalex and many more. The man himself is also a vastly experienced DJ, regularly playing across his homeland and the rest of Europe. We are now representing Icicle exclusively for bookings worldwide.

    Further information – http://www.repriseagency.com/artists/icicle.html


    New exclusive addition - SKC

    The Reprise movement across Europe continues apace with us joining forces with a key part of The Future Sound of Budapest. SKC has released tracks for the likes of Commercial Suicide, Hospital, Renegade Hardware and Timeless, and is constantly DJing across Europe, pushing the sound of Tactile, Mindscape and his own solo productions.

    With a series of killer releases forthcoming, including a remix of the classic 'Code' for Renegade Hardware, plus 'The World Has Changed' for Klute's Commercial Suicide imprint, 2008 is looking very bright for the man from Budapest.

    We are now representing SKC exclusively for bookings worldwide.

    Further information – http://www.repriseagency.com/artists/skc.html


    New exclusive addition - MC I.D.

    Our final addition to the roster is a rapidly up-coming MC from Brighton who we've been watching for some time.

    I.D. is already holding down residencies for Hospitality, Shogun Audio and Renegade Hardware, working with the creme de la creme including Loxy & Ink, Logistics and Shogun's lead man DJ Friction. With a crisp and precise style, and the knack of knowing just when's right to let the music roll, we're pleased to announce we're representing I.D. exclusively for bookings worldwide.

    Further information – http://www.repriseagency.com/artists/id.html


    Makoto & Deeizm - double UK and Europe tour April & August 2008 - now booking

    Following another highly successful tour in December with shows including Linz, Zagreb, Ljubjlana, Vilnius, Bristol, and 2 gigs at London's End club with Marky and Fabio, Makoto and Deeizm will be back together in the UK and Europe during April and August this year. We have already filled several dates, so if you're interested in a booking please get in touch.

    Further information – http://www.repriseagency.com/artists/makoto.html


    Reprise website v1.3

    It was about time we gave our website a bit of an update - we've now added more audio to download, easier to use booking forms, Top 10s from across the roster, updated artist presspacks and a news page, plus an RSS feed. It's all at www.repriseagency.com

    As well as that, we've got a couple of Facebook pages, check them out at the following links and add us ;)



    Reprise podcast now available

    Our new podcast series is now available to download.

    For the first episode we've brought you an exclusive set from Brighton DJ/production duo SpectraSoul, recorded live at the Shogun Audio night in their hometown on Friday 4th January. On mic hosting duties is new Reprise recruit, MC I.D.

    Expect forthcoming studio episodes with chat covering everything from bassline sculpture and record label distribution to London's best Indian restaurant and the age-old Mac/PC debate. Plus of course a healthy dose of the best electronic music around.

    We'll be providing one episode each month - next month we have the mighty D.Kay in session, then a deep house mix from Reference (a.k.a Reprise's very own Howard) to take us into Spring.

    Make sure you get the lot by subscribing...

    The iTunes link is here: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=271148462


    Other Reprise news

    Following another successful tour of New Zealand and South East Asia, Amit is set to return to the southern hemisphere in May this year - we are now taking offers for Australia and New Zealand dates.

    The label's debut LP ('Hard Times') is scheduled for release in May, featuring tracks from the label's core artists plus special guests. We'll be booking album launch events to accompany the release. To whet your appetite, we've also got an exclusive mix from DNAudio head honcho Squire to download, recorded live at Utopia in Bristol. Check it out here: http://www.repriseagency.com/audio/Squire_Utopia_Bristol_Sept_2007_192.mp3

    Ill Logic & Raf
    The futureproof duo have an album coming very soon on Zinc's mighty Bingo label. It's due to drop before the summer, watch this space for further information.

    With releases already out for Nu Directions, Shogun Audio and Soundtrax, SpectraSoul are stepping it up in 2008 with tracks already signed up for labels including Critical and Innerground.

    The launch of Survival's own 'Audio Tactics' label is gaining momentum, with a series of 12s by the man himself and close cohorts in the offing. Also watch out for free tracks and mixes via the label's MySpace page at www.myspace.com/audiotacticsuk

    That's all for now - for more information about what we do, visit our website at http://www.repriseagency.com, give us a call or check out our MySpace page at www.myspace.com/repriseagency

    All @ Reprise

    Web: www.repriseagency.com
    Email: info@repriseagency.com
    Phone: +44 (0) 7787 552680 / +44 (0) 7916 160291 / +44 (0) 7803 128067
    Fax: +44 (0) 208 265 0723

    Amit / Break / DJ Lee / D.Kay / Icicle / Ill Logic & Raf / Kasra / Loxy / Makoto / Randall / Red One / Silent Witness / SKC / SpectraSoul / Squire / Survival / MC Rymetyme / MC Wrec / Deeizm / MC Manikular / MC I.D
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