Reprezent 107.3FM The Bass Asylum

Recently rebranded SLS: Bass Asylum is the only drum & bass show on Reprezent 107.3FM. The show is 7-9PM every tuesday evening. The show is rapidly expanding, hitting over 100,000 listeners last month and we are currently trying to raise the profile of the show. Any producers/djs/labels wanting to get involved hit up any of the links at the bottom of the message. Always on the lookout for new tunes, new guests etc to expand the show. Contact our three hosts...IrationUK, Shyguy (counterfeit), Ginjaman.

Playing exclusive tunes from the likes of Hospital Records, RAM, Bad Taste, V, Virus and many more. Have also worked with many names including, Ray Keith, Nicky Blackmarket, Uncle Dugs, Shabba D, Skibadee, Nicky Holloway &Brother Culture too name a few...

Catch the show tonight 9-10PM...exclusive beats, rave news and reviews and mixes to annoy the neighbours...KEEP IT LOCKED!


VIP Junglist
I do. I also like to know what I know. Thats the reason why I believe what I believe... because eventually what you believe becomes what you know and what you know becomes what you believe and what I believe is that you're chatting out of your bum hole.

Claiming to have 'exclusive' tunes from major labels. Most of which dont even supply their own artists until a few weeks before release, with the expressed instructions not to play on Radio or any other recordable media.

Just saying.

Nice dub tracks though mate.
We get sent tracks from labels before the release date to play out. We don't get them months in advance. Maybe I have used the term 'exclusive' wrongly and for this I apologise but we do have connections with these labels who send us tunes to play. We are a radio station, nothing more nothing less! We are here for people to listen and enjoy the music! And if you have any tunes you want played, get in touch mate! we're all about new music and new sounds.

Cheers for the feedback mate. Bin playin out your Contemplate mix, liking the sounds fella. Particularly feeling the 3 deck mix.


Producer & Blogger Super Joshi
Thought it was going to kick off there for a minute. Glad to see we're all friends again.

Thanks for the show promo btw. Won't be able to listen tonight but I'll try and check out the next one. Is it online too or just on the fm?

Will get some tunes to you too.

I'd be interested to have a chat with you about other stuff too. I'll pm u if that's ok?