Repost: 1992 - New_Ardkore_DnB (04/28/02)


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Mar 4, 2002
Yet another repost of a mix originally featured yet buried in a sea of posts on DOA. This set features 1992 flavored DnB tunes that were new at the time this was recorded. This was also the first mix I recorded with a different EQing technique. It was a complaint on DOA that my sets were two quite so this mix is quite loud. I also think I may have cut the midrange too much.... perhaps I took the sample in "Keep the fire burning" by the house crew too litteraly? The thing I hate the most about this set is how the down beat nearly completely dissapears between tracks 21, 22, and 23. On the positive tip this mix features a nice DnB bootleg tune I made which starts the set off.

01). 1992 "Parody of Dylan's Intro" (AT&T Text To Speach Java Program)
02). 1992 "Break It Down" (DAT)
03). Digital "Void VIP" (Function 9601LPS)
04). Grooverider "Inta (Photek Remix)" (Prototype PRO-002)
05). Universal Project "Soundclash" (True Players 12032)
++). Dylan & Loxy "California Curse" (Outbreak 009 testpress)
06). Luna & Isis "Uplink" (Nemcron 001 testpress)
07). Potential Bad Boy "The Power (Power Mix)" (Three Lions 001 testpress)
08). Adam F & J Majic "Metro Sound" (Kaos 001P)
09). Bad Company "Rush Hour" (Bad Company BCRUK002)
10). Digital "Ease Off" (Cronic 15)
11). Baron "Ransom" (Commercial Suicide 005 promo)
12). Total Science "Basic" (True Players 12036)
13). Danny C "Strong Hold" (Dlphie Audio 002)
14). M.A.T.T "Square Methods" (Juice 032)
15). B-Key "The Onslaught" (Cylon 007)
16). Q-Project "Sticky Fingers" (Crash 001)
17). Locus "These Eyes" (Reinforced 181)
18). Aqua Sky "Sucker Punch (Accidental Heros Rmx)" (Sonix 006)
19). Origin Unknown "Truly One (96 Mix)" (RAMM38R)
20). D-Kay "Zombie Nation" (Renegade Hardware 38)
++). Baron "Nute" (Outbreak LTD005)
21). Baron "Searching" (Outbreak LTD005)
22). Alpha Omega "Don't Believe It" (Reinforced 154)
23). The Moog "Jungle Muffin (Dylan Remix)" (Renegade Hardware 37)
24). Simon "Bassline" Smith "Stigmata" (Technique 013)
25). Eljay & Ruffstuff "Serious" (L-Plates 2107)
26). Tronic 100 "Reachin'" (Renegade 32)
27). A-Sides "Helsinki Nights" (East Side 47)
28). Gridlok & Substrata "Solvent" (Gain 004)
29). Giana Brotherz "Funkfeuer" (Basswerk 14)
30). The Prodigy "Rhythm of Life (Panacea Remix)" (Position Chrome 57)

Download the 128kbps 44khz 86.7mb 94.44min MP3.

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Jul 26, 2002
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I love that intro!!!

"all the way from new jersey comes the man like what not quite very similar to the one who is truly noneother than 1992."

Also, didn't think we'd see you with a Bad Company tune in a mix.
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Sep 11, 2004
Re: Old skool

1992 - absolutely smashin this forum with the postings - really appreciate what you've set up here!! Recently went to a rave at King's X Scala called Back292, had all the legendary DJ's there, Squirral, Ellis Dee, Slipmatt to name a few, fustrating thing is, the quality of music played that night isn't half of what these mp3 postings are!!! Way too much commercial shit, and Ellis Dee being a sell out played a new skool breaks set!!What happened to Dance Factor, and Big up your Chest, or even the fantastic Lockdown tune? Slightly peeved at the fact that so many excellent tunes were made in this golden era of music, and not many of them get the airtime they deserve - example Jim Polo - Rolling Energy and Feeling Remixes, Bay B Kane, Wax Doctor, Dj Lee - Want your love - :dutty: to name a few.

Any body have any sets of Luckyspin? :cool:
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