Repost: 1992 - Lift Me Up (03/31/02)


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Mar 4, 2002
This is a nice mix of 1993 - 1994 hardcore & jungle that I did and it was originally featured on DOA. The overall vibe is rather chill and laid back although there are a few piano gushers in there. Also because this was a one take mix its not without its flaws but its still quality I'd say :2thumbs:

CD art:

01). Deep Blue "Fantasy #2 (JMJ & Richie Rmx)" (Moving Shadow 41R1)
02). Original Vibes "Feel It" (Spinning Vynal 001)
03). DMS "Sweet Vibrations" (CUT4)
04). DJ Solo "Love To Natasha" (FX002 Promo) *autographed by DMS*
05). Ramos, Supreme, & The Sunset Regime "Intruder (Back from Cornwall mix)" (RSR001)
06). Red Alert & Mike Slammer "Gotta Believe" (Slammin' Vinyl 006)
07). Adam F "Eclipse" (Lucky Spin 015)
08). Red Alert & Mike Slammer "Ruffer!!!" (Slammin' Vinyl 006)
09). Blame "A21" (Moving Shadow 32)
10). Tek 9 & Paul MG "Rude Bwoy Run Tings (Lightweight Leave Da Dance Rmx)" (Reinforced 1238R)
11). Kay 9 "Music In My Mind" (Section 5 KAY9)
12). Orca "Back To The Jungle" (Lucky Spin ORCA6)
13). Orca "Rain Of Drums" (Lucky Spin ORCA4)
++). Red Alert & Mike Slammer "F*cking Hardcore" (Slammin' Vinyl 005)
14). 4 Hero "Students Of The Future (4-Hero Rmx)" (Reinforced 1250R)
15). Red Alert & Mike Slammer "F*cking Hardcore" (Slammin' Vinyl 005)
16). DJ Hype & Danny Breaks "I Can't Understand (Scratch the fuck out of the beginning mix)" (Suburban Base 20)
17). Bay B Kane "Parallelle" (Kick Man 010)
18). Dynamic "Rule The Dancefloor" (Dee Jay 001)
19). Bass Influence "Musics Hypnotizing" (Impact 025)
20). Awesome 3 "Don't Go (DJ Vibes & Wishdokta Rmx (1992's London Taxi Cab Edit))" (Naughty Naughty 005)
21). Ellis Dee "Big Up Your Chest (Remix)" (Slammin' Vinyl SVLPDB006)
22). Orca "Intalect" (Lucky Spin 16)
23). Apollo Two "Atlantus (I need you) LTJ Bukem Remix" (Good Looking 003)
24). The Hermit "Let Your Body Go" (Labello Blanco 41)
25). Foul Play "Open Your Mind (Tango Rmx)" (Moving Shadow 29R)
26). DJ Mayhem "Cold Acid" (Basement BRSS016)
27). Q-Project "Champion Sound (Alliance Rmx)" (Legend 006)
28). Red Alert & Mike Slammer "In Effect (Dark Dub)" (Slammin' Vinyl 005)
29). Corky & Yaka "Livin Love" (Blue Whale 001)
30). Tight Control "Storm Troopers" (MA006) *strange white 10"*
31). Omni Trio "Soul Promenade (Nookie Remix)" (Moving Shadow 51R)

Download the 128kbps 44khz 87.8mb 96min MP3.

*Note* This version isn't cut for CDR and contains foul language. I'll update with a profanity free and CDR friendly version in the future. Untill then I suggest cutting off the first 3 1/2 tunes and most of Soul Promenade at the end. The profanity is located in track 10 incase you want to mute it yourself.

N-Joi :slayer:
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Mar 4, 2002
Now updated with conklin art. Its the most colorful Huss Enterprise I've ever seen in a most unusual 'test' position. Taken at the Westchester County Fair, 2002 before opening.


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Feb 20, 2005
извеняюсь конечно, а можно все ваши миксы делать в 256 кбпс ?

Lets see. I tried to see if had russian translation but it did not so I went to and they had russian and this is what it spit out:

"извеняюсь certainly, and it is possible to do(make) all your mixes in 256 кбпс"

So now that I can understand you, sort of... I can answer:

Yes it is possible to do mixes in 256kbps but since the files are so big I just do 192kbps. The older mixes were a step below 192kbps because I had my old computer which had _very_ limited disk space. The original wavs of those mixes are long gone so they will forever be in 128kbps. I think 192kbps provides decent enough quality for what I'm doing at the moment. If I were to encode a song I would use 256kbps though. - 1992
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Aug 2, 2006
Watford - UK
Top set again 1992 - cheers for reawakening me ..... OI OI SAVALOY!!!

All right! Nice too see ppl still appreciate these as on Discogs no one really comments on my mixes. - 1992
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