Repost: 1992 - Future Ardkore (04/07/02)


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Mar 4, 2002
This is a repost of a mix I posted to DOA a while back, its a set that I originally recorded to my friends DAT walkman summer of 2001. It features DnB tunes with a 1992 flavor that were new at the time. Also at the time I was listening to my records at a slower speed which was a real turn off to the Bad Company head bangers on the DOA board. Also worth a mention is the fact that I edited some of the tunes by placing 1992-esk vocal samples on top. In particular Digital's "B-Boyizm" was nearly completely remixed through the magic of Acid Pro. A downside to this mix is that the audio program I was using at the time (Cool Edit 95) started doing really buggy things like raising and lowering the volume at its own will (this is most apparent during "Jet Set"). I since switched to a different audio editer.

01). Future Cut & DJ Kontrol "Crouching Tiger" (Trouble On Vinyl LP003)
02). Alpha Omega "Deep Cover" (Reinforced 152)
03). D'Cruze & Special K "Timeline" (Jak Audio 003)
04). Total Science "Bustin' Loose" (Timeless 014)
05). Influx Datum "Forever" (New Identity 019)
06). Q-Project "Wild Pitch" (Generic Stress 023)
07). Circut Breaker "Beat Bitch" (Spectrum Audio 0010)
08). Skeptic "Tear" (Bad-Grammer-Records 41)
09). Phantom Audio "K2 (92's dance edit)" (C.I.A. LP002)
10). Mark One "Hoovers & Spraycans (Dylan Rmx)" (Retro 001)
11). Phantom Audio "K2 (92's dance edit)" (C.I.A. LP002)
12). Digital "B-Boyizm (92's Swedish Church Rmx)" (Platinum Breaks 3 FFRR)
13). Bad Company "Numbers" (Bad Company Recordings)
14). Stratus "One Move" ( CDR) *I LOVE THIS TUNE!*
++). Dylan "Retribution" (Outbreak 010)
15). Usual Suspects "Therapy" (Renegade Hardware 33)
16). Sonic & Silver "Tell Me" (L Plates 002)
17). Total Science "Jet Set" (Advance//d 001) *now autographed wheee*
++). KRS-1 "Rap vs. Hiphop <accapella>" (Jive) *Going out to the hardcore*
18). Alpha Omega "Tribal Instinct" (Reinforced 152)
19). Alpha Omega "New Wave Style" (Reinforced 152)
20). Alpha Omega "Tribal Instinct" (Reinforced 152)
21). Total Science "Jungle Jungle" (Metalheads 039)
++). Digital "Deadline" (31 Records 012)
22). Smith & Brown "Lifes just so" (Homegrown 007) +
23). Digital "Space Funk" (Timeless 0??)
24). Deep Blue "Fantasy 3" (Moving Shadow 0??) +
25). DJ Crystl "Let It Roll" (Dee Jay 020) +
26). Q Project "40 Below" (Function 9607)
27). Sonic & Silver "Lucus" (Trouble On Vinyl LP003)
28). Q Project "Safety Cause" (Function 9707)
29). Spirit "Mayhem" (Phantom Audio 002)
30). Doc Scott "Here come the drums 2000" (FFRR)
31). Twisted Individual "Kidney Doner" (????)
32). Usual Suspects "ED-209" (Renegade Hardware 33)
33). Mark XTC "Totaly (K)onfused" (New Vibe 002)
34). Alpha Omega "Klash" (Trouble On Vinyl LP003)
++). Digital "Deadline" (31 Records 012)
35). Stormtroopers "Mirage" (Pennyblack 22)
----set closer----
36). Poison & Recoil "Jah Witness (92 edit)" (Spectrum Audio 0009)
37). Spirit "Ray Gun (92 edit)" (Function 9606)

Download the 128kbps 44khz 83.5mb 91.14min MP3.



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Nov 24, 2004
(y) I have endurance tested this mix and I still love it. Well worthy of keeping up here. Thanks a mil

I'm actually quite sorry its only 128kbps. I didn't know any better back then but on the bright side I still have this DAT or perhaps even the Wav so I can encode it again at 320kbps. Not now but in the future. - 1992
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