Repost: 1992 - Acidhouse_n_Rave (04/21/02)


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This is a repost of a mix I originally posted on DOA a long time ago. It features some acid house, early rave, and some tunes which I was told later on were commercial radio hits (D Mobb?). This set isn't a favorite because I don't have that many acid house records to play with (yet).

01). 808 State "Pacific" (ZTT CD UD-53191) 1989
02). Nation 2 Nation "Sometimes I Feel Like" (UR 005)
++). Flowmasters "Let It Take Control (Pumped Piano Mix)" (XL 103) 1989
03). Flowmasters "Let It Take Control (Heart Beat Mix)" (XL 103) 1989
04). Tas "Circles" (Profile 319) 1990
05). Frankie Bones "Dance To The Music" (Underworld AP136) 1989
06). Todd Terry "Back To The Beat" (Fresh 80117Y) 1988
07). D. Mob (feat. Gary Haisman) "We Call It Acieed (The Matey Mix)" (FFRR 886 517-1) 1988
08). Ralphi Rosario (feat. Xavior Gold) "You Used To Hold Me (Kennys Mix)" (Hot Mix 5 102) 198?
09). Model 500 "No UFOs (INST)" (Metroplex M001) 1985
10). Phuture "Acid Tracks" (Trax 142) 1987
11). Frankie Bones "Circus Acid" (Underworld AP136) 1989
12). Underground Resistance w/ Yolanda "Living For The Night (Kevin Saunderson Mix)" (UR 016) 19??
13). Reese Project "Station Of The Groove (Jay Denham Mix)" (Giant 0-40307) 1991
++). Maurice Joshua "This Is Acid (K&T Mix)" (Vendetta Records 07016) 1988
14). LFO "Tan Ta Ra (Moby Remix)" (Tommy Boy 501) 1991
15). Coadunation "My Mess (U.K. 12" Mix)" (Whos That Beat? 62) 1991
16). Utah Saints "What Can You Do For Me (Trans Europe Caress Mix)" (FFRR 869-581-1) 1991
17). Maurice Joshua "This Is Acid (K&T Mix)" (Vendetta Records 07016) 1988 *One of my favorites!!*
18). Maurice Joshua "This Is Acid (K&T Mix)" (Vendetta Records 07016) 1988
19). Frequency "Burnin'" (Lower East Side 011) 1991
20). Frank De Wulf "Foreign Trips" (HPF Records TCB1236) 1990
21). B.G. The Prince Of Rap "Take Control of the Party (Joey Beltram's amen rinse out)" (Columbia)
22). Lords Of Acid "Rough Sex (Joey Beltram's amen rinse out)" (Caroline) 1991
23). D-Shake "Techn0 Bam (Seismic Wow Edit)" (Go Bang CD vol 2.5) 199?
24). 808 State "Cubik (Kings County Perspective aka Frankie Bones Rmx)" (Tommy Boy 959) 1990
25). Turntable Hype "Set You Free" (Go Bang CD vol 2.5) 199?
26). Trigger "Stratosphere (Extended Mix)" (Target 10064/12) 199?
27). Tronik House "Mental Techno" (KMS 032) 1991
28). Noise Factory "Noise Factory" (Ibiza Classics Vol. 7) 199?/2002
29). Tigers In Space (aka DJ Hype) "Wait 4 Me" (Strictly Underground 10) 1991
30). SL2 "Pleasure" (XL 29) 1992
31). Shamen "Make It Mine (Lenny D Remix)" (Epic) 1991

Download the 128kbps 44khz 84.5mb 92.22min MP3.


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Ah some top choonz there matey, it takes me right back to 88.

Acccciiiiiieeeeeddddd!!!! Right on one matey, r-r-r-right on one matey!!! :rave:


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Have to say I love this style of house/rave.
Big up 1992.

BTW, just a question, how old are you mate?
Were you around back in the day to go raving to these tunes?

Big Up!


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Biggest ups to 1992!!!

My total appreciation of some great tunes would not be possible without Steve!

Under dog

THIS IS OLD SKOOL AS IT SHOULD BE. OLD BUT NOT CHEESE. this take me back to the day when dance music was good. WE NEED MORE....... :applause: :applause: