replacing bridges , sampling bars different genres , rhythms, structures and eras


Jul 15, 2008
all in my dnba xmas list comp entry :)

28 minute [re] mix of deep dnb thunk
longside a couple of classic jungle and hip hop bits
and a few bars from a king midas bit on Hyper dub.

In the mix
Atlantic Commix: Can't Destroy be True pt 1
Alaska : Atka
Calibre : Tv on
Zero T , Icicle & Steo : Go 4 yours
Electro soul system : So close
Zero T Ft Steo : Dangerous liasons
D Bridge : On my mind
Dj Spinna : Dillagence
Eveson : Be with you
Calibre : Go back to go forward
King midas sound : One ting (Dabrye remix)
Calibre : Electro soul
Calibre : Sokitume
Martyn : Baby baby
St:Cal : Red light
Ron : Worries in the dance
Alix Perez : Crooklyn
Instra:mental : Intervention
D.Kay & Kasra : Spider
D Bridge : Pipe dreams

listen and vote at

voting is from today(14th Nov) until 28th Nov

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Jul 15, 2008
kool enjoi :)

votings closed now and I didnt place , gutted haha

all good, had fun doin the mix anyway.

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