REPETITIVE BEATS - new online shop specializing in classic tunes on vinyl

Hiya all,

Started up a new webshop recently, getting rid of some of my old tunes that I don't play as much anymore, and thankfully don't have to go through eBay ;)

Check it out; it's up at -- got a pretty decent selection of nearly 250 tunes to start off with, many of which are UK hardcore or drum and bass. I've also got some random techno, trance, breaks, and house tunes up for sale as well if you're into that sort of thing (don't imagine many people on here are, but you never know). Lots of ace tunes for sale, plus some obscurities on the cheap as well. All the tunes I've got up for sale have label scans and low-quality MP3s of the best (or at least, my favorite) track off the EP as previews before you buy. Plus, the payment is handled by GEMM, so they take most forms of payment; credit card, personal check, cash, etc.

A small sampling of stuff that I've currently got up;

- Aurora - Sunshine EP [Adrenalin]
- Bizzy B, Dexterous D & TDK - Come On People / Wicked Man [Brain]
- DJ Crystl - Deep Jungle [Deep Jungle]
- DJ Ileagle - Crazy / Testify [Dee Jay]
- DJ Solo - Darkage (orig & remixes) [Production House]
- DJ Trace - Coffee [Lucky Spin]
- DJ Taktix feat. Top Buzz - The Way (remix) [Back 2 Basics]
- Droppin Science - Vol. 1 (orig & remixes) [Droppin Science]
- EQ - The Graphic EP (orig & remixes) [Formation]
- Intense - The Drowzee EP [ULR]
- Jack N Phil - I Like It (remixes) [Basement]
- Junk - Don't Stop / Rush Higher [Junk]
- Mikey James - Nice 'N' Deep / Mello [Suburban Base]
- Mixrace Productions - A Different Drum [Mobhanded]
- NRG - Feel The Fury EP (orig & remixes) [Chill]
- Omni Trio - Vol. 2 & Vol. 3 [Moving Shadow]
- Peshay, J Majik, Rufige Cru & Nu Era - World Of Music EP [Infrared]
- Psychotropic - Hypnosis (SL2 remix) [O2]
- The Rood Project - Thunder [Whitehouse]
- Skool Of Hard Knocks - Kan U Feel It / Kandyman [Grand Larceny]
- Slipmatt - Breaking Free / Hear Me [Awesome]
- Static Substance - Ghetto People / Follow My Beat [Impact]
- Urban Shakedown - Some Justice rmxs / Summer Break [Urban Shakedown]
- Wishdokta - Subliminal Satisfaction / River Of Dreams [2001]

So, yeah, check it out, I'll be adding more stuff to it each week :) The address again is;

Cheers :D