repercussion this friday (19th) - TOTAL SCIENCE, LOXY, MC FOXY


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Mar 31, 2003
in case any of you are in the area, arent going to the end or fabric and are up for a nice little intimate party on a friday night, its the Repercussion Xmas spesh @ Scratched, Goldsworth Road, Woking 2moro

TOTAL SCIENCE <metalheadz/c.i.a>
LOXY <hardware/metalheadz>
wylie-d, ollie k and reference <repercussion>
genius jones <92-94 old skool rinseout>

FOXY <knowledge awards #1 MC 2003>
manikular <timeless/source>

9pm-3am, £1.90 double spirit mixers, £6 all night....very very tight Mackie soundsystem in there as well ;)

ezzzzz :jazz_band
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