Renegade Hardware - The Paranoia LP Mix CD

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Jan 1, 1970
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Renegade Hardware Present - The Paranoia LP Mix CD
- Mixed by Raiden


Fresh from the Renegade Hardware camp comes the latest hard hitting mix: The Paranoia LP Mix CD - Mixed by the comparatively new comer on the block - Raiden!
The tracks featured on this cd continue where the very successful 'Element Series' left off from.
First track that kicks off the cd is 'The Invisible Man' by Keaton straight from 'The Invisible Man EP' which makes a nice intro for the rest of this heavy mix up!
Following that comes Raiden's very own '6ft Ditch' - a heavy breed of chopped breaks and dirty basslines!
Tracks following that are Loxy & Dylan's - 'Fraggle Rock' and Raiden’s - 'Reactor'. 'Trail of Sevens' from Australian boys Pendulum is up next, swiftly mixed after is the ever famous 'Raining Blood' aka 'Slayer' by Concord Dawn. Rock guitars a plenty on this one!!
Raiden quickly in the mix again dropping 'Influence' by Keaton, one of my favourite tunes on the CD, rollin beats and dark sub-bass in effect here!
Before you know it 'The Force' from Loxy & Dylan is heavy in the mix ''Let the bass go!!!''. Backed up by 'Ghost Ship' - Ink.... sick tune!
In comes another track by the man himself Raiden, this time 'Infection' blends in nicely with its atmospherical vocal samples and fast techno style bass, another firm favourite of mine on this album!
Keaton & Hive's dance floor smasher 'The Plague' is rolled up next, this one still firmly has its place in my record box! A must have tune!
Usual Suspects join forces with Keaton this time round to bring you 'Once Again' which is dropped nicely in the mix!
Shortly follows is one of 2003's biggest Drum & Bass tracks, 'Fallin' by the man again Raiden, this time round Friction and Nu-Balance are on the remix duties.
The Militia are responsible for 'Paranoia' which is the next track and where the album gets its name. Personally I’m not a big fan of this tune, but it does still smash it up in the clubs! The distinctive female vocal of 'Resolution' by Keaton & Hive can be heard coming in over the top, this track can be found on the flip side of 'The Plague' on the 12'' single (RH45).
DJ Trace brings his familiar sound to the remix of 'The Plague' which is our next track, which I’d say is on a level par to the original.. kills the dance floor!
Second to last be the sounds of Keaton once again, 'Betrayal' is again taken from his EP 'The Invisible Man'. Trademark Keaton breaks and bass through-out!
Finally to wrap things up is 'Final Conflict' by B Key, a heavy switch of reece bass, dark subs and forever changing breaks.. a perfect outro to a dark side ride of Drum & Bass from Raiden and Renegade Hardware!!

Rating: 8/10

Track list

01 ) The Invisible Man - Keaton
02 ) 6ft Ditch - Raiden
03 ) Fraggle Rock - Loxy & Dylan
04 ) Reactor - Raiden
05 ) Trail of Seven - Pendulum
06 ) Raining Blood - Concord Dawn
07 ) Influence - Keaton
08 ) The Force - Loxy & Dylan
09 ) Ghost Ship - Ink
10 ) Infection - Raiden
11 ) The Plague - Keaton & Hive
12 ) Once Again - Keaton feat. Usual Suspects
13 ) Fallin' - Raiden (Friction & Nu Balance Remix)
14 ) Paranoia - The Militia
15 ) Resolution - Keaton & Hive
16 ) The Plague - Keaton & Hive (DJ Trace Remix)
17 ) Betrayal - Keaton
18 ) Final Conflict - B Key

18 Tracks
Total length 1:02:54

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Apr 10, 2003
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Nice review mate should keep the CD masses happy :cool: I think my favourite tracks from the selection has to be Resolution - Keaton & Hive, this is heavy when it drops into that growling bass then the rolling drum kicks bring it to full throttle. The Plague always gets to the front of my box as well as Raidens 'Infection' nasty business. Does anyone know where the vocal came from for Infection??


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Apr 8, 2003
Reading, UK
does anyone know when this cd is out? i can't seem to find it in the shops anywhere but i thought it was out a couple of weeks ago with the vinyl?/


time for heroes.
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Jun 13, 2002
d d d d dappa cd. but why on my copy does it say paranoia EP? :-/

fallin remix and invisible man = top tunes! :boxing:


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Nov 29, 2001
You got yours for free, quit complaining!

Plus it was a promo copy, not a final copy.

It's out this week BTW! For those that want to purchase :)
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