Renegade Hardware Presents: Ink - Last Scroll - Released 4th July 2011


Renegade Hardware is proud to present Ink: Last Scroll. The first artist led album ever to be released on the label.

With a music career which has spanned over 20 years Ink is a name that has become synonymous not only with Renegade Hardware, but Drum & Bass as a whole. Having established himself as one of the driving forces not only at the forefront of the label but behind the scenes also; developing album concepts, A&Ring releases and not to mention a seminal dj career headlining the Renegade Hardware club events across the globe.

And so the journey continues and brings us up to date. The result of 3 years hard work. The Last Scroll album is a testament to Ink’s ongoing evolution as an artist.

The album concept comprises of no less than 20 tracks and 2 distinct elements: The Papyrus and The Palette. The Papyrus focuses on the harder edged dancefloor side of Inks productions. Encapsulating deep, dark and brooding moods in a selection of tracks which feature a host of guest appearances including BTK, Loxy, Gremlinz, Genotype, Friske, Khanage & JDub.

Meanwhile The Palette explores an entirely different blend of soundscapes of styles, incorporating house and downtempo as well as drum & bass, all expertly woven into an intricate tapestry of sound.

Make no mistake; this is an project that captures the true essence of what an artist album should be, showcasing the diverse influences and moods Ink is known for.

A true musical journey.

Released 4th July on 2xCD / 2xLP / Digital Download


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The Papyrus - CD1

Ink - Fear Not
Ink Feat. BTK - 5 Elements
Ink Feat. BTK - Dr Umbougu
Ink Feat. BTK - Dreamworld
Ink Feat. BTK - Reptile
Ink Feat. Friske - Informer
Ink Feat. Gremlinz - Remorse
Ink Feat. J Dub - Craze D Minor
Ink Feat. Khanage - Modern Jungle
Ink Feat. Loxy & Genotype - Yellow Eyed Demon

The Palette - CD2

Ink - Far Eye
Ink - Hidden Dreams
Ink - Planet Hunter
Ink - Sunshine
Ink - The Dubaron Project
Ink Feat. J Dub - Sight Beyond Sight
Ink Feat. Perpetuum - Never Say Never
Ink Feat. Perpetuum - So Addicted
Ink Feat. Perpetuum - Speed
Ink Feat. Perpetuum - World Turns


A) Ink Feat. BTK - Reptile
B) Ink - Hidden Dreams
C) Ink Feat. BTK - 5 Elements
D) Ink Feat. Perpetuum - World Turns

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