Renegade Hardware New Blood – An Interview with Signal


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It pains me to say it, but there are hundreds of ways to tell you’re closer to thirty than you are twenty. For instance, actual young people using words you never even knew existed, going to a rave and only staying out until 4am (furthermore, that actually being an achievement!) and last but not least, buying the latest release from your favourite long standing drum and bass label only to discover that one half of the production duo is almost half your age . . .

Following in the footsteps of insanely talented producers such as Memtrix and Clarity, Renegade Hardware’s new blood ‘Signal’ has just had his first major release at the ripe old age of 16 and if you’re expecting pop-tastic Hospital vibes then think again! Disprove & Signal’s ‘Arkaik Twelve’ has an incredibly dark, mature and well educated sound with expertly chopped breaks and sub bass, a track so serious and moody that it could easily be the work of any of Renegade Hardware’s most prolific artists.

With so many young and exceptional producers coming to the fore, it made me wonder what inspires and drives these guys who haven’t yet had the opportunity to experience a real rave. Luckily for me I had Signal on hand to find out! . . .