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    OUT NOW!

    Today see's the release of the first EP from the Horsementality album. Featuring tracks from: Ink & BTK, Arclight, Resound and Friske & Gremlinz.

    You can check out audio clips below and bag your copy direct from our shop. CLICK HERE

    Alternatively as an special offer you can purchase ALL THREE Vinyl EP's for £25, exclusively from our store. All bundle orders will be shipped on Friday 4th November. Parts 2 & 3 don't ship elsewhere until 14th & 28th November, so if you can't wait to get your hands on them CLICK HERE to bag the bundle deal!


    A) Ink & BTK - Cold Flow
    B) Arclight - Judas
    C) Resound - Idlers
    D) Friske & Gremlinz - Amber Rose