Remixed and mastered version of my latest track. Feedback would be welcomed?


Och aye
Jun 13, 2015
Perth, Western Australia
I'm only listening on earbuds atm but some things are sounding a little muffled; I'd pay some special attention to where everything is sitting in the 200-3kHz range and try to eq each of the elements into its own space. Some strong sidechaining between your drums and bass might also sound fitting for this type of track, hopefully give your drums a bit more punch and the synths/bass a bit more movement. Great work :)

Derelicts Of Tomorrow

Founded 1977
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Sep 16, 2015
Frederick, MD, USA
Hi derelicts, thanks for feedbacking but can you explain for going forwards how I know if frequencies are clashing? Is it by ear you can tell or do you use an EQ? If so what is it your actually focusing on to realise? I'm still an amateur you see :)
all good brother, online you can find what frequncy most elements are in typically. then utilizing a spectral analizer and eq you can make sure all elements of your tune are hitting in the correct frequencies. it's like building a sandwich, each part has it's place in the layers that make it up. here is a great reference on it that helped me when i was starting out years ago...
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