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    A little remix thing I did for some comp on blend. Cant make anything good on my own, but quite happy with stuff I do with others tune's, enjoy tinkering with their bits and trying to make something new. The break is one I made for another tune I wasnt that into, but happy with the drums and came to good use in this project, as the Drums of the original were dubstep style, and a bit weak in my arrangement. The bass had some nice stems to work with, and I cut some bits out and put them through ableton sampler and a bunch of effects. Nearly everything on the track bar drums is being sent out to various Distortion channels(alloy 2, Trash 2) that I set up, and they really help fattening up the basses into something big.

    Any feedback appreciated, I have thrown a fake it till you make it Master on there, bit of Multi Band compression, some exciters, and a bit of widening of the higher ends of the tune using Ozone.
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    Mm nice, I love those trap-ish hat trills.
    With this kind of beat though I'd like to hear more diversity in the hat patterns, especially when the bass is quite repetitive throughout like it is in this!
    The ambience is there though, nice track :)
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    Really my cup of tea but production wise it sounds huge! Beats are really good, nice work.
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