Drum & Bass Remix Competition!! Remix the number 1 smashing hit Fortune Teller


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Here is your chance to Remix chart topping Audio Animals release, Fortune Teller by Danny Rich featuring GLB. The competition will be running for a month to give you plenty of time to get your remixes completed, so take your time and enjoy!

The tune has so far reached number 1 in both the juno electronic chart and number 1 on DNB arena.

The winner will be picked by the Audio Animals team, with the winner having their track professionally mixed and mastered in the Audio Animals studio and then released on the Audio Animals label.

This is a unique opportunity and we are looking for unique takes on the track. So whether it be a heavy Dubstep vibe or a liquid DNB roller, we are looking for that something special. We have had some great entries so far and it looks like we might end up releasing a whole EP!

Theres still about 2 weeks to get stuck into the comp so follow the link below to our website and you will find all the stems and information. We also providing mixing and mastering services as well as quality sample packs to help with your production skills.