Remix Competition: Clownsville Records

I hope this post is in the right section, if not: please admins correct me if I'm wrong. I wasn't able to post this new thread in the competition section for some reason.

Anyways, I'm Maarten van Kroonenburg and I'm the owner of Clownsville. Currently we are running our first remix competition which I really want to share with you:

Its time for my labels first remix competition!

Le Lion received an instruction by the 5 gods, the Anunnaki. Their leader: the Anu told him to build a special Annunaki track. Le Lion immediately started working on the track and this is the result. A non-human track, which needs to be remixed! And that’s what this remix competition is all about!

The number one and number two winners will be featured on the Le Lion EP, which will be released on Clownsville records later this year!


- Your remix must be uploaded in this Soundcloud Group: - Track name must be: Le Lion – Annunaki (Your Name Remix)
- Do not activate downloads on Soundcloud. When your track has been downloaded you will immediately disqualified.
- All samples used in the remix must be royalty free or of your own creation.
- You can use as much of the provided samples as you want
- Tracks don’t need to be professionally mastered; they do need to be from a certain quality however.
- No restrictions on genre or tempo. Be creative!
- Deadline: 1st of March 2013
- All master rights & copyrights of the winning remixes will be with Clownsville Records.
- Entries will be judged by a combination of most amount of plays and the judgement of Le Lion and the Clownsville team. The winner will be announced shortly after the competition closing date.

Track Tempo: 140 BPM
Genre: Dubstep
Deadline: 1st of March 2013
Stems: Original: can be found on Youtube(due to limited links I'm not able to post the link here)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me: info [at]

Hope to see your entries soon!
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