Remastered this track using to the feedback I received (neuro-ish/industrial/dark)

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    Remastered this track using the feedback I received (neuro-ish/industrial/dark)

    Hope you guys like it, I am actually pretty pleased with how this one turned out.

    Any feedback is infinitely useful for my learning!
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    Re: Remastered this track using to the feedback I received (neuro-ish/industrial/dark

    You could bypass the vocals from fading in at the start and the sample gets lost behind the other elements when they pick up in volume.

    Maybe you could pick out a few lines that stand out / are awesome and throw them around instead of having the whole dialogue in there.

    This tune is pretty hectic, you've got some nice edits and things, but the mixdown is a little off, especially the amen break that kicks in is too loud.
    In a tune with as much going on all the time as this one I think you could benefit from not having everything switched on all at once, with edits everywhere, divide it into parts and switch between different elements being prominent / there at all, right now there's no progression at all, it's just a wall of sound.

    Overall it's sounding pretty brutal though.
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